5 Trending Sofa Styles for 2021

Sofa Styles


Sectional sofas have gained popularity as time has gone by because they can be set up in a multitude of ways, according to leather sofa specialists leathergallery.co.za.

These sofas act as different pieces of furniture because they can be taken apart and placed in different parts of the living room or whatever room you care to put it. 

In fact you can take some of the sections and put them in different rooms than the living room. 

This makes this so far very popular because it puts it to some really good use no matter where you are in the house. 

It also saves people a lot of money because it can be used as different pieces in different rooms. They are quite comfortable as well. 

Most of the time they are used in the living room and arranged in a way which suits the home owner and their guests. 

It’s very popular for entertaining no matter how many guests you have because it allows you to split the sofa in sections.


The sleeper sofa is liked by many because it has dual-purpose. This sofa is also known as a sofa bed or a hide a bed. 

The cushions on top of the sofa hide a metal mattress that pulls out of the sofa to create a mattress. Hence this is where the dual-purpose sofa gets its meaning. 

Sometimes the sofa bed uses a futon mattress to make the bed that it unfolds to be. Because this is a very popular sofa innovations have been made to keep it current. 

This is why this sofa is a trend for 2021. The sofa beds in 2021 are becoming more stylish and hide the fact it is a sofa bed.

These sofa beds are becoming much more comfortable than they used to be as well. 

It allows your houseguest a much more comfortable stay when sleeping on the sofa bed. 

They will be pleasantly surprised with the new sofa beds that are trending in 2021.


The loveseat is known as a two seater sofa. Generally it has been known to have two styles. 

One form generally has two upholstered seats Known as a British two seater. And another form has various names. 

Those names include: A gossips chair, conversation bench, kissing bench, and courting bench. 

It can be in any form of two seat furniture where the seats form an S shape so that it allows for two people to converse while looking at each other and also being able to be within an arm’s reach. 

Again this Sofa is trending in 2021 because of its new innovations by some of the most daring furniture companies out there.


The traditional sofa is a trending sofa in 2021 due to the implementation of new fabrics and patterns. 

The traditional sofa will never go away but it is trending because of its new elegance that companies are designing. 

Different companies are getting very creative in the traditional sense. Some of these companies are being very daring in regards to their materials. 

However, many of the traditional sofas that are trending are being outsourced from new furniture companies that are being born right here in the United States.


Now this sofa is a very iconic sofa. Most people associate it with a psychoanalysis sofa. It is a long reclining sofa. 

The French translation refers to it as a long reclining chair which in fact includes a deck chair for example. 

It is similar to a daybed. And in 2021 these daybed-like sofas have become quite the trend because more and more people are taking naps in 2021. 

These sofas also encourage reading and writing as well as use of the laptop. Many people in 2020 use their laptops to run their businesses online. 

This is a huge reason for these sofas to be trending in 2021.

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