A Plastic That Disappears in 60 Hours After Its Intended Use Has Been Invented

Timeplast, Inc., a Florida based technology startup company has developed a new patented techno-organic plastic that completely goes away within 60 hours of being discarded in water. The material is made from alcohol, and it’s meant to replace most of today’s conventional plastics used in packaging and manufacturing applications, with a major difference in post-consumer sustainability solution in mind; water solubility.

Founder and inventor, Manuel Rendon has said “Our planet, when seen from outer space, looks blue for a reason. Nature intended for water to be the universal solvent, so let’s make water plastics worst enemy”. Manuel is a former PepsiCo executive, with a degree in Environmental Engineering who has several US Patents Grant under his belt in the Material Science Space.

At this time, Timeplast has a global supply chain, teams in India, Italy, Spain, Mexico and the U.S., as well as a portfolio of materials meant to replace each type of conventional plastics, which include injected, extruded and even expanded applications, all of them ASTM certified for complete water dissolution.

The implications of a high-quality moldable material capable of dissolution in water are transcendental. As we know, whether it is in landfill or our oceans, over 90% of our consumer products last stop is in the environment, with the majority being the world’s oceans; and no technology to clean the oceans can pick up microplastics. This material is fully nontoxic and will not alter the chemistry of the environment in which it is dissolved, as evidenced by ASTM studies performed by Avomeen Laboratories on the materials developed by Timeplast.

Timeplast has recently launched an SEC-regulated Public Offering through Start Engine. The campaign has been listed as on the companies with Most Momentum in its first week and has reached 10% of its target raise at this time.



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