11 Signs You Need A Neck Roll Pillow In Bed

There’s nothing like going home to a nice-smelling, comfy, and springy bed where you can finally lay your tired body and mind. No matter how exhausted you are the whole day, your bedroom is the one place you know you can rest and sleep all the stress away.  

If you’re like most people, your good night’s sleep can never be complete without pillows. Apart from comfy beddings and mattresses, pillows are an essential element that should always be present whenever you sleep or rest. 

But have you ever wondered if the ones you already have are what’s best for your needs? Did you consider looking for other pillow options that could potentially improve your sleep or make you feel more comfortable? 

If you think the comfort you’re getting from your current pillows isn’t enough to keep you well-rested, it might be time to consider switching to a neck roll pillow. 

 What Is A Neck Roll Pillow?

A neck roll pillow, also called a cervical pillow, is a small roll or cushion that you could put inside the pillowcase to support your neck while you sleep. Or, if you feel more comfortable using it separately, you can use it as it is without adding it to your other pillows. Other people prefer to place it inside their pillowcases because doing so won’t let the pillow rollover from one spot to another, keeping it in position as you lie on your back.  

Cervical pillows come in different materials. Choosing suitable materials significantly matters because it’ll decide the comfort, fitness, and support you can get from the pillow. 

Here are some available materials you can choose from for your neck roll pillow: 

  • Buckwheat 
  • Cotton 
  • Memory foam 
  • Down 
  • Latex 

If you want cuddly, durable, and light pillows that could last for years, down filling is an option. However, they can be pretty uncomfortable and warm since the material can absorb and retain heat from your body. On the other hand, shredded memory foam may offer good support, but one downside is its chemical odor that might not be suitable for people with allergies. 

If you want something breathable, organic, and firm, you might want to consider going for buckwheat pillows. They offer superior support as they can conform to the shape of your neck and head. Buckwheat is also eco-friendly and hypoallergenic, making it an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin. 

Why You Need A Neck Roll Pillow 

You might be thinking, ‘Why would I need a neck roll pillow when I already have a lot of pillows in my bed?’ While that’s a valid argument, there are actually several benefits you can get from cervical pillows that your other pillows can’t offer.  

For one, neck roll bolsters or cushions come in different sizes and shapes. This means you can use it aside from sleeping, making them highly versatile. When you’re traveling, you could greatly benefit from a comfortable and compact pillow that you can bring with you. For you to have a kind of support for your back and neck, pillows can also be used when reading, watching TV, or using your mobile phone. 

Additionally, you need a neck roll pillow if you’re already seeing or experiencing these signs: 

  1. You Wake Up With Chronic Neck Pain 

Have you been suffering from persistent neck pain, especially upon waking up in the morning? If yes, that could indicate that your pillows aren’t able to provide the necessary support your upper body needs. 

However, waking up with neck pain isn’t just the only indication. If you’re constantly getting up in the middle of the night because of pain and discomfort, that’s another sign that you need a neck roll pillow in bed. If the pain is persistent and won’t easily go away despite several attempts to relieve it with massage, it’s probably because of how you sleep and the type of pillow you use.

A cervical cushion could significantly help maintain neck alignment while you sleep because of its ergonomic design. It holds your neck and head in position while also cradling the shoulders. As a result, your upper body remains in proper angles. Expectedly so, you’ll wake up in the morning without any pain or strain. 

  1. You Find It Difficult To Breathe In Other Pillows 

If you’re finding it difficult to breathe or be comfortable with other pillow types and fillings, it’s probably not your mind playing tricks on you. It might be an indication that your pillows aren’t breathable enough that they’re causing significant troubles when all you want is a peaceful and good night’s sleep

This could change if you’re able to pick a cervical pillow made of breathable materials and filling, such as buckwheat. The hulls inside make it possible for the airflow to be steady, which makes the pillows and their covers cooler and more comfortable.  

  1. You’ve Been Noticing Your Bad Posture 

Proper posture is essential in promoting spine health. When you stand and sit with proper alignment, your body can efficiently support your tendons, ligaments, and muscles. In addition, good posture can keep your nerves and blood vessels healthy. 

But if you’ve been noticing your posture to be in bad shape, sometimes, it could be a result of poor choices in pillows. A hunch back could indicate excessive stress on your neck’s joints. This may be a result of misalignment when sleeping. 

It goes without saying then that a cervical pillow can help prevent bad posture. Since it keeps your body, especially neck, shoulders, and head, in proper alignment, you can expect your posture to be in a good disposition. 

  1. Your Pillows Are Starting To Wear Out 

Suppose you’re not spending anything on new pillows because you think you don’t need them yet since you still have your old ones. This may be the case with people who don’t want to waste anything they can still use. But if your old bed pillows are already starting to wear out, then this is a telltale sign that it’s time to buy a new pillow. 

Lumps are a common sign of worn-out pillows. If you feel like sleeping on big lumps at night, it means they’re no longer serving their ultimate purpose, hence need to be replaced as soon as you can. Lumpy pillows won’t provide sufficient support as you sleep, which could lead to sleepless nights and sleepy days ahead. 

Since you’re on the hunt for new pillows, you might want to look into buying cervical bolsters and cushions that you could greatly benefit from. You no longer have to feel guilty about buying new ones because you’re not just buying something out of whim, but more so, you’re spending money on something you really need and can’t sleep without. 

  1. You Have Lower Back Problems 

It may be called a neck roll pillow, but this doesn’t mean you can only use it on your neck. The cervical bolster can also be placed under the knees, which should benefit people with lower back problems. 

By having one, you can expect to have something to support your knees and legs, especially if you need to elevate them after an injury or accident. 

  1. You Don’t Like Having Pillowcases 

Most cervical pillows no longer need pillowcases. In that sense, it’s a good option for people who don’t feel comfortable sleeping on pillows with cases. Sometimes, even if the pillow is of good quality, its case might be the reason behind the discomfort, chemical-like odor, and allergy-triggering particles. 

  1. You Often Do Yoga In The Bedroom 

Are you a yoga person? And, do you often do it in the bedroom? If so, having a neck roll pillow in bed can be useful during your yoga sessions. 

Most neck cervical pillows come in compact sizes, making them ideal to use as a yoga cushion. You’ll love how the cushion supports your body weight, making you feel more comfortable as you do your routine. 

  1. You Like Sleeping On Your Side 

Neck roll pillows aren’t just good for back sleepers who need full support on their necks and heads. They can also be a good option for people who like to sleep on their sides because the roll design is perfect for when you need a long pillow to hug and support your sleeping position. 

Choosing the right pillow for sleeping is essentially the same as how you’d carefully pick an office chair at work, where you spend hours sitting and working all day. Pillows, on the other hand, are what you use for hours when you sleep at night. So, your side sleeping position must be adequately and comfortably supported by the pillow of your choice. 

Neck roll pillows are best suited for side sleepers, whether you want to place the pillow on your neck or on your side to have something to cuddle with. If you put it on your neck, you can be sure to not suffer from neck pain in the morning. This is because the roll is designed to ergonomically accommodate side sleepers without any discomfort and stress.  

  1. You Want Something You Can Bring When Traveling 

If you’re the type of person who likes bringing pillows when traveling, the neck roll pillow is a great choice. Imagine having to sit in an airplane for hours, with your neck uncomfortably laying on your seat. This could seriously cause your neck and shoulders to hurt. But if you can bring your cervical cushion with you, you’ll have something to support your head while traveling. 

The compact size of cervical pillows also makes them an excellent choice when going out of town, camping, or road trip with friends. It’ll surely be nice to have a firm and breathable pillow you can use whenever you need to rest your head or lay on your side at the backseat of your car. 

  1. Your Old Pillows Smell Weird  

One critical element of a conducive sleeping environment is a good smell. Everything needs to smell nice and fresh–from your curtains to the mattress, bedding, and pillows. It’s one way to guarantee you’ll get a good night’s sleep each time. But if your pillows are starting to smell weird even after changing their cases, it’s a clear indication that you need to replace them immediately. 

Pillows that hint at foul odor could mean many things. But the most common reason would be mildew and molds that are starting to build up inside. If this is the case, you can’t use those pillows anymore, especially if you tend to have allergic reactions to such elements. Just like your mattress, pillows can collect sweat and dead skin, which may also cause a foul smell. 

Consider replacing your old pillows with cervical ones. If you’re able to pick an organic and hypoallergenic material and filling, you can expect your new pillows to not acquire any weird smell even after years of using them.  

  1. You Need A Firm Support When Reading Or Watching TV 

Although the bedroom is mainly used for sleeping, it can also be a haven for people who like a peaceful and quiet place where they can read books or watch TV. If you’re this type of person, you’d probably do those activities sitting in your bed. As such, you need something firm to support your back and waist while sitting. 

A neck roll pillow is firm and malleable enough to support any sitting position. This is also why it’s commonly used as back support for people who work on their office chairs all day long. 

Rolling With A Neck Roll Pillow 

There are so many benefits you can get from a neck roll pillow. It’s obviously one of the best options to go for if you’re looking for new cushions for your bed. If you’re not entirely convinced of its advantages yet, take some time looking at the signs above. You might be surprised to realize that you’re already experiencing some indications to switch to a neck roll pillow.

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