Is Oil-Filled Heater More Efficient Than Others?

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Heaters are undoubtedly an important device in every household. They’re mostly being used during the winter months and every time the weather gets harsh and cold. Most households maintain different kinds of heaters for their varying warmth needs, but electric heaters dominate the scene.

Electric heaters do not end with plug-in device types. There are a few more heaters that are powered by electricity such as infrared heaters and oil-filled heaters. 

Many people are asking if oil-filled heaters are indeed more efficient than others. This is because oil-filled heaters are widely believed to give off better warmth quality than other heater types. This post will tackle the basics of an oil heater and how they fare compared to other electric heater devices.

The True Definition of Oil-Filled Heaters

Oil-filled heaters are devices that give off heat from both oil and electricity. Several people mistake oil as the primary heat-generating fuel of these heaters. In reality, oil-filled heaters use electricity as its main heating source thus classifying them as a type of electric heater.

Oil-filled heaters contain diathermic oil within its reservoirs. This kind of oil warms up a bit slow due to its high boiling point, but retains its heat at long timeframes. The oil is not boiled and used as fuel, as many mistakenly think. Instead, diathermic oil’s function is to improve the efficiency of the device’s heating element and help retain more heat within the device for long periods of time.

How Does This Heater Work?

There are three main parts of an oil-filled heater, namely:

  • Metal exterior
  • Oil-Filled Fins
  • Electric resistors

Each of these parts works to help generate and distribute heat evenly across a room or space surface.

When the device is turned on, electricity initially passes through the electric resistors. The resistors then convert electricity into heat energy. The newly-produced heat energy is now transferred to the fins.

The fins are filled with diathermic oil. As new heat energy gets transferred to the fins, the diathermic oil also heats up gradually until it reaches its maximum possible temperature. The oil then assists the fins to continuously warm up until the heat is strong enough to be transferred to the metal exteriors.

The metal exteriors then receive heat from the fins via tiny built-in tunnels. Heat moves via solid thermal conduction. Then, the metal exteriors circulate the heat to the outside space through convection.

The Efficiency of Oil Heaters

Oil-filled heaters are touted as the most efficient space heaters among all heater types. Here are the reasons why:

  • An oil-filled heater performs better than other heater types when it comes to evenly warming a room. This is because diathermic oil seems to amplify the heat energy generated from electricity.
  • These heaters have high heat-retaining capabilities due to the use of diathermic oil within the device. The heater may be switched off but it still gives off sufficient warmth because of diathermic oil’s excellent heat-retainment property.
  • You can save more on energy consumption costs with an oil-filled heater. Residual warmth from the device lets you heat up a room even after turning off and unplugging from the main electrical power source.
  • Most oil-filled heaters have multiple heat-level options. You can easily adjust the heating power of the device to your most comfortable preference.
  • Oil-filled heaters are portable. They can heat up one room at a time and can easily be moved to sufficiently and evenly warm other rooms in your home.
  • These heaters have tightly-sealed no-leak oil chambers so you don’t have to worry about spillage. The oil included inside the device doesn’t need to be refilled as well.
  • Diathermic oil is not actually burned inside an oil-filled heater. It is merely warmed and acts as a heat amplifier, so no worries about the oil giving off harmful fumes. This makes oil-filled heaters environment-friendly and low-maintenance.

The Takeaway

To wrap up, oil-filled heaters are the most efficient type of space heater because they’re economical, they heat up rooms sufficiently for a long period of time, they have heat level options, and they’re sustainable.

People mistakenly think that oil-filled heaters burn oil in order to give off ample warmth to a room. The heaters are actually electricity-fueled; the diathermic oil inside the device merely serves to improve the efficiency of heat generated and circulated outside to the room.Choosing the best type of oil-filled heater takes a bit of research. You have to consider the size of rooms you’ll be warming up, as well as other factors such as portability, ease of use, thermostats, wattage, and the rate of heat generation. But selecting an oil-filled heater is a great investment that will help make your home warmer, while staying energy and cost-efficient.



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