Pillows Vs Cushions: Luxurious Comfort You Can Enjoy

pillows and cushions

Most people think pillows and cushions are the same things. However, there are similar shapes and sizes, and if you search for a synonym of a pillow, one of the results will show cushion. Hold on a second; there is a lot of difference in both the things. A cushion or a pillow is used as a comfort given material and are sometimes used to correct our sleeping posture. Although the use and the made-up quality of both pillows and cushions are the same, according to the use and comfort level, we can say that there is some difference in both. 

The main confusion regarding these terms is due to their use in different countries. However, in terms of comfort and relaxation, there is some significant difference between pillows and cushions. Therefore, if you want to differentiate between these two things, then hold on to your seat as we are about to tell you the shocking differences between pillows and cushions.

Firstly, know the terms

Before jumping into the difference, we must first understand the term pillow and cushion.


There are many definitions of a pillow. One of the descriptions states that a pillow is a material that is used for relaxing your body. Another explanation says that it is a piece of cloth filled with cotton used to hold your body when you are in a reclined position. Moreover, many sites say that pillow is the stuff that is used to keep on your sofa to decorate your house. There is another definition of a pillow: it is used as a medium that enables us to sleep. Therefore, there are many definitions of a pillow and depends upon you which one you will accept. However, in this case, we will take a pillow as a medium that enables us to sleep.

The material used for construction

Pillows are available in numerous variants and can have various types of buildup material. A pillow can be made up of natural or synthetic cotton. Some pillows are made up of silk and many more. However, some people choose cotton pillows because they believe that cotton pillows provide softness, whereas some think that silk pillows are suitable for decorative purposes. Therefore, choosing a pillow is entirely up to your personal preference.

Uses of pillow

Pillows are primarily used to support your body when you are in a reclined position. Therefore, according to your body posture, different types of pillows are available. Thinner pillows are required for the back sleepers, whereas stomach sleepers need medium pillows, and side sleepers require thick pillows for maintaining their body posture. However, pillows require replacement after 3 to 5 years.


Cushions, on the other hand, are entirely different from pillows. They are appropriate in providing comfort to people in all kinds of positions. Whether you are kneeling, sitting, or lounging, cushions will give you comfortable support. Cushions are considered more of comfort providing material than that of support providing material. A cushion is designed to provide neck and back alignments and cannot help people with spinal problems. However, there are different variants and types of cushions available in the market.

Materials Used for Construction

Cushions are made of either foam or polyfill. However, the covering of a cushion may have different variants. These coverings can be made of polyester, cotton, or synthetic fibers. Moreover, according to your need, there are different shapes and sizes of cushions available that you can choose from.

Uses of Cushion

Though cushions are available in different shapes and sizes, the primary motive of having a cushion is to provide your body with the comfort it wants. Moreover, cushions can also be used for decorative purposes as they have different types of coverings.

Hand to Hand Comparison


  • Neck and Shoulder Alignment.
  • It needs to be replaced within 3 to 5 years.
  • It should be washed with light detergents.


  • Comfort provider and decorative stuff
  • It can be used lifetime with proper care.
  • Any detergent can be used.
Bottom Line: Which one is best?

Pillow and cushion is almost the same thing. However, people use them differently. Therefore, it is entirely up to you how you want to use a pillow or cushion.



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