Top 3 Ways to Introduce a Sparkular Machine

sparkular machine

Do you believe that there is not much more graceful bearing than an exquisite firework phenomenon? Stage fire display is always a common celebrating activity to attract and entertain the audience with incredible sparks. The stage effects in the past are mostly m monochromatic white smoke created by dry ice. However, the audience and actors are no longer satisfied with this single stage effect but pursue more colorful forms with the development of stage technology.

Today, there is a new technology, namely a sparkular machine that just has evolved when regarding these situations. This new advanced technology was introduced to create a more shocking stage effect, so as to stimulate the mood of the audience and activate the atmosphere of the stage.

Considering that in your head, now come and dive into the comprehensive details that why a revolutionary and non-pyrotechnic stage fire machine is becoming the overwhelming choice for your next dramatic events.

Basic Working Principles

The main reason people decide to choose Sparkular is that it produces shining sparks through a non-hazardous effects solution, without any odor and smoke. Compared with traditional pyrotechnics using combustion reaction and high-temperature factors, the Sparkular machine is equipped with levels of stable, nonflammable chemical mixture components such as zirconium and titanium to operate it and create dazzling sparks.

With a self-contained inside and sleek design, the spark will still keep shining. And there will not be a mess to deal with, and it would be super easy to clean up after your events. For example, the Sparkular machine from Showven would be a great choice for consideration.

The Operation

Sparkular machines usually are rectangular boxes that they can connect to each other through cables. They have a robust double DMX ins and power ports controlled with a DMX controller once connected. More conveniently, it is unnecessary for you to have a certificate or degree to use these Sparkular machine. 

These homemade fireworks are environmentally-friendly and relatively safety. Waiting for a few minutes setting up time, the operator can control the height, volume, and speed of sparks by using the controller. Rather than the traditional fireworks demanding every effect to a single-shot pyrotechnic device, several techniques and tricks like bumps and cool effects can be launched correctly depending on what you desire. 

And all that is missing is that there is still some noise when the Sparkular machines working due to similar working principles with traditional machines, but they are still much quieter than the traditional ones.

Events to Setup 

Since the Sparkular machine launched on the scene, they have received a unanimous positive response from experts and users in the industry. We can always see many available fireworks on the marketplace, but most of them don’t always follow your desire.

With the various types pf Sparkular machines from Showven, you can create the fireworks display activities in these events such as the company annual festival, night club and hotel, Business gathering, outdoor picnic, indoor concerts and stage, large-scale sports event, wedding parties, Etc. 

Here is the latest colossal event to let you know more. On the evening of August 7, 2020, the super-large dream fountain parade performance, Lotus and dream, directed by the Chinese national first-level director Zhang Jigang. This outdoor public show was held in Xiaohe Art Town, Jinzhong, Shanxi.

During the performance, the fireworks lit up the night sky with beautiful fireworks performances. Showven Sparkular and flamer machine series products were integrated into the art show with digital photoelectric firework elements and engaged in the event successfully at last.

Fireworks are a fancy way to wow people with affordable price and less time consuming, but left a memorable impression on your lifetime. As one of the most glowing special effects, the Sparkular machine creates a brand-new way for the audience to enjoy a visual feast.

No matter what kind of celebrating events you have, this splendid spark displays always are an amazing and shocking view for them. There will be more information and awesome stage effects products about the Sparkular machine in Showven; please visit their website.



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