A Complete Guide to Buying a good Dirt Bike Helmet

dirt bike rider

So, you did the research and got yourself a good dirt bike. Is that it? 


While racing on the track, head and overall body protection is a must. That is why doing research and investing in a good helmet is always worth it. 

If you are a dirt bike enthusiast, you must have noticed that a dirt bike helmet is slightly different from regular bike helmets. It has extended chin protection and modified design to provide extra protection to your chin and head. 

We have done all the research for you in this article and come up with effective tips on selecting the right helmet for yourself or someone you know who rides a dirt bike. So read this article before buying your helmet and tear up the tracks! 

Here are the tips:

What to Look for In a Helmet

  1. Parts availability: Always buy a branded helmet from a reputed supplier like MXstore so that the spare parts can be easily available, like new pads or a visor. 
  1. Comfort: Comfort is non-negotiable when buying a dirt bike helmet. It’s always advisable to know the exact dimensions of your head before placing the order. 
  1. Total weight of the helmet: Many helmets have plush padding and heavy built material. They can make you feel dizzy while riding. Always go for helmets that are strong yet lightweight. 
  1. Price: A helmet can be detrimental if something goes wrong during racing. So be liberal while investing in a good helmet. That doesn’t mean you go all broke, but anything between $100-$500 should do just fine. 
  1. High-Quality Shell: Shell is the outer part of the helmet that makes the first contact with the ground during the crash. Ideally, the shell should be made of carbon fiber which is not only strong but also lightweight & durable. 
  1. Impact Absorption: A good helmet will have elements like 6D’s ODS and layers of foam that can absorb impact and rotational forces. Choose a helmet that will protect your head in even the worst cases. 
  1. Ventilation: Riding dirt bikes through rough terrains is physically demanding. Ventilation in your helmet will not only prevent sweating in your head, but it will also keep your head cool while racing. It will also stop the sweat from fogging up your goggles. 
  1. Aesthetics: Although this is not a direct safety parameter, a good-looking helmet will always motivate you to ride more and will make you feel proud of owning it. And yes, a good quality dirt bike helmet is always good-looking!

Recent Improvements to Dirt Bike Helmet Technology

  • MIPS Liners: The new helmets now come with MIPS Liners that reduce rotational impact
  • Extremely low weight: they were light before, but now even lighter!
  • Adjustable cheek pads: to provide comfort to enhance the riding performance
  • Goggle grabbers: to ensure your goggles don’t move and help in maintaining the focus
  • Bigger Vents: Allow increased airflow and provide better roost protection so that you don’t taste the dirt while riding.

Dirt Bike Helmet Size Chart for Adults

Final Thoughts

You only got one life, so why shy away from investing in a good helmet? The points discussed in this article will help you buy a decent helmet that has all the practical features. 

NEVER buy a second hand/used dirt bike helmet. You have no idea about its structural integrity and whether it can be used in racing or not. Don’t go with the words of the seller. Dirt Bike Helmets need to be replaced regularly.

Moreover, do you really want to use a second-hand helmet that has someone else’s sweat all over it? Hygiene is important as well. 

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