Top 5 Advantages of Pipe Extrusion Lines

pipe extrusion lines

Pipe extrusion is a manufacturing process of melting raw materials and forming them into a continuous profile. The extrusion process is regularly used in metal and steel industries to produce tubings, pipes, wire insulation, PVC, and fencing.

What is the Pipe Extrusion Process?

The pipe extrusion process consists of multiple steps until it reaches the final product. However, with pipe extrusion line, the process is much faster and viable. It is a steady-state process in which raw materials are converted into finished states.

In the first step, a thermoplastic raw material, which is usually in the form of pellets or powder, is converted into a molten form inside the extruder. This forces it under pressure through an extrusion die orifice.

This orifice defines the cross-sectional shape of the product. In the final step, this formed product, which is at an unstable temperature, which could result in a collapse, is passed through cold water baths.

These are gauged at controlled pressure and temperatures. The cooled extrudate is drawn away at a steady rate from the die’s exit route. The ready product can be wound around a spool, cut into any shape, or even be further processed through a desired pipe extrusion line.

Why Use Pipe Extrusion Line?

Pipe extrusion lines are very easy to operate, mostly self-automated, and it is an all in one process.

You can have all the tasks done with one equipment. Moreover, it provides the users with quality finished products that are easy to process further, and it is a quick process!

5 Advantages of Pipe Extrusion Process

If you look around, pipes and other types of moldings are found in almost every house, building, and other places populated by people.

Many everyday items are made through this process, and thus it has many advantages to it including:

Affordability: This is an attractive business option because the cost of production, especially for plasticware, is much lower than the profitability.

Extrusion molding processes mostly use thermoplastics as raw materials that can be repeatedly melted and hardened through pipe extrusion lines. This also lowers or totally eliminates disposal costs.

Flexibility: It is much easier to produce intricate and complex shapes with pipe extrusion lines as the process allows any change in shape as long as the product’s cross-sectional diameter is constant.

This makes the production of decorative rims much easier.

Bulk Production: Pipeline extrusion processes are consistent, compliant, and easy to operate. This means producing products in bulk isn’t a hard job anymore, and the margin of profit is high.

Variation: Many plastic pipeline extrusions allow manufacturers to mix plastic attributes. This means mixing hard, and soft surfaces is easier.

Quality Finished product: Since this is a fully automated process, the finished product is accurately formed with calculated dimensions, designs, and proportionate compound mixing of raw materials.  

Dekuma Pipe Extrusion Line

If you have been looking for excellent quality pipe extrusion machines, Dukema pipe extrusion line machines have what it takes your business to get to the next level.

Manufacturing in bulk and that too with a highly automated pipe extrusion machine is the key to a successful production line.


Dekuma combines Chinese creation with German technology to bring its best technology of pipe extrusion line machines. Durability and reliability are a warranty! Check out more on the website to get your hands on the best pipe extrusion machines.



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