Makdis Pırlanta- A Diamond Jewelry Brand Dedicated to Provide Finest Quality to its Customers

Makdis Pırlanta established its identity in 2007 as a small workshop in Grand Bazar. Since then, it has won the hearts and loyalty of thousands of customers. Today, Makdis Pırlanta is a renowned jewelry brand across Turkey with 100 retail stores all over the country, including the major cities Istanbul, Ankara, Ordu, Samsun, Gaziantep, etc. 

The unique features that distinguish Makdis Pırlanta from other jewelry brands in Turkey are:

  1. Their mesmerizing jewelry pieces are a fusion of traditional and contemporary designs;
  2. Their remarkable customer service.

Makdis Pırlanta’s exclusive range of diamond rings, chokers, pendants, bracelets, and earrings is absolutely stunning. Each piece is crafted with high-quality material, flawlessly cut and finished diamonds and commendable craftsmanship.

Their wide range of diamond rings includes exquisite solitaire, princess cut, heart-shaped, tear-drop shaped, full circle, and baguette-style diamond rings. Besides, the company also creates amazing rings with high-quality and original gemstones, including rubies, emeralds, and blue sapphires. 

Apart from rings, the designs and quality of their bracelets, chokers, earrings, and pendants are truly praiseworthy. Their collection includes jewelry pieces for everyday wear to special occasions. They offer minimal yet elegant designs for women who want to jazz up their look without adorning heavy pieces. Similarly, the brand has statement pieces for women who love ornaments and their sparkles immensely. 

Makdis Pırlanta offers its customers safe and 100% free delivery at their doorsteps. Furthermore, all the orders are insured by the company during transit. Thus, the company will replace it without charging its customers if the order gets damaged or stolen during transit.

The best part about Makdis Pırlanta is its customer-friendly policies. All the customers can exchange their jewelry without any trouble during the first 6 months of the purchase. The 6 months exchange policy doesn’t have any terms or conditions. The customer is required to show the original purchase receipt to request the exchange. Plus, they offer a lifetime maintenance guarantee for their diamond jewelry. 

Makdis Pırlanta has beautiful jewelry to present as a gift to your friends or family. The company packs all the orders securely and then wraps them stylishly to elevate the present’s look. Makdis Pırlanta also offers a praiseworthy pendant collection for men. Their sterling silver pendants encrusted with real diamonds can effortlessly spruce up the fashion game of modern men. 

Apart from gorgeous jewelry pieces, Makdis Pırlanta provides a remarkable collection of rosaries in various colors. The gold tassels and diamond on the rosary’s pendant give it a luxurious and sophisticated touch. 

Makdis Pirlant started out as a small workshop in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar. Yet, with its uber-stylish and high-quality jewelry pieces, combined with spectacular customer service, the brand now has 100  stores all over Turkey. After its immense success in Turkey, the brand was all pumped up to spread its branches internationally. Thus, in 2021, the company established its first international branch in the Netherlands. Now, the company endeavors to enter the European markets and other countries like Belgium and Qatar to offer its mesmerizing and intricate jewelry to foreign customers. 

The company also envisions becoming the pioneer and industry leader in diamond jewelry in the country.

To get more details about Makdis Pırlanta and their elegant collection, follow their Instagram page:

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