Phillip Sanders and The Success of Traditional Country Music

Phillip Sanders is notably a new sensation in the American country music industry, with numerous hit songs under his name. Hailing from a family of singers and songwriters, Phillip Sanders belongs to the fourth generation of this impressive family.

Country music has always been regarded as one of the most peaceful and soulful music genres. For the past seven years, Sanders has been contributing a lot to it, either in the form of songwriting or releasing chart-topping songs.

Phillip Sanders has remained in the top 100 for Artist Direct’s Top for eleven consecutive weeks. His latest release, “If I Didn’t Love You Girl” has touched millions of listeners worldwide and earned him more than 1.5 million views on Soundcloud and Spotify.

Sanders was born in Florida but is now settled in Texas. Apart from being an aced songwriter and singer, Phillip Sanders has a background of entrepreneurship as a commercial investor. In 2016, he took the stage for the first time as a guitarist but later realized he had much more to offer other than strumming the guitar. 

In 2017, Phillip Sanders worked with Curt Ryle, a famous songwriter, record producer, and musician, and produced “Never Thought I Could Change” together.

In 2018 Phillip Sanders wrote his first solo song, “With Her I Am” and recorded it too. The song was #10 in the top 40’s singles of European Joyce Ramgatie country music charts.

He released two more songs in 2020: “Over a Beer” and “Drink You Down.” The songs are eclectic and beautifully composed. Normally country music romanticizes heartbreaks and melancholy, but Phillip Sanders opted to write and compose songs on the beauty of relationships and true emotions.  

Sanders grew up listening to various country artists and has always regarded them as his inspiration, along with his parents. His father, Charles R. Sanders, was a famous songwriter too, and even though Phillip never got a chance to work with him, his father always encouraged him to write soulful music. It is the passion he had for traditional country music which landed Phillip three nominations for Josie Awards – Independent Music Awards.

Because of his family and fans’ support, Phillip Sanders earned a prominent spot in traditional American country music. Sanders does not hesitate to find and prove his potential as he plans to grow, enhance his skills, and produce magnificent traditional country music masterpieces for all traditional country music lovers.

Those who want to connect with Sanders can easily do so by following him on Instagram:

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