Brandon Narain – A College Dropout Who is Now a Serial Entrepreneur

Brandon Narain has debunked the biggest myth of all time ‘You need good grades and a degree to be successful in this era’.

Brandon, a rebellious boy, raised by a single mother, had experienced financial problems since childhood. His family lived in a small one or two bedroom apartment for most of his childhood. Moreover, Brandon didn’t take his education seriously. In an interview, he shared that he was expelled from high school before the semester. 

He was then enrolled in a new school, which was an absolute disaster for him. The new school was far from his home, the teachers weren’t really that great, and the students had to pass through metal detectors before entering. Brandon had no choice but to earn his diploma from this school because society doesn’t accept a high school dropout.

But despite all odds, Brandon paved his path and succeeded in establishing not one but three well-doing businesses.

So, how did Brandon do it? Did he crack the secret code to success, or did he get immensely lucky?

It all started when Brandon’s conscience was hurting at its peak. He lived with his mother and felt disappointed for not being able to contribute to expenses. He was determined to change things for himself and his family. Hence, he got serious about earning money. He didn’t have any honorable degrees to land a job at some multinational company. 

He decided to learn the skill of hair cutting. He swept floors for more than 11 months at a barbershop to learn the skill. Finally, he was given a chance to work with clients. Brandon was happy that he had finally started to earn. However, he soon realized that this wasn’t something that he would like to continue in the long run. 

His mind started racing to think of doing something more productive and lucrative. After a lot of thought, he opted for a nursing career. He joined a community college and volunteered at a hospital while still working at the salon. Later he was hired as a patient transporter in the hospital where he worked.

But, once again, he didn’t settle for it. He wanted to do something bigger and better for himself to transform his life. This time, he shifted his focus from finding a job to starting his own business. He joined the real estate arena because he knew about this industry’s potential to turn rags into riches. Finally, he got his real estate license and began working to sell homes. But, he soon realized that he wasn’t good at it. Nevertheless, he didn’t give up. He was adamant about making things work despite all the problems he faced.

In an interview, Brandon talked about the initial days of struggle in his real estate business:

“Going against the grain isn’t easy; I mean, dropping out of college and trying to be a successful realtor was hard.”

When selling houses didn’t work out, Brandon shifted his perspective from selling to real estate investment. At first, he thought he needed lots of resources to invest in real estate. However, he discovered something that changed the game for him. 

“Once I found out I can flip contracts, I knew I had a chance.”

Brandon Narain 

Upon learning the concept of flipping contracts, Brandon untiringly worked on it and closed his first deal in 30 days. This was the beginning of Brandon’s success; he continued closing deals and made a hefty profit. Finally, in 2017 he established his business, Blue Notes Inc (more commonly known as Blue Notes Brandon).

Five years later, in 2022, Brandon closed more than 300 deals and invested in stocks and cryptos to create passive income sources. Moreover, he owns multiple businesses. Mamba, a CRM software designed exclusively for real estate professionals to help them stay on track and on top of their real estate opportunities, as well as ‘Dialversion’, a virtual staffing company that provides professionals for lead generation and follow-up.

Besides these businesses Brandon also owns a mobile app, ‘The Anydeal App’ created to enable users to make offers and analyze real estate deals. Real estate is not only an industry, where Brandon has established businesses. He has also set his foot in the eCommerce world and created ‘My Market Auto,’ which is an eCommerce automation partnership designed to help store owners manage and run their stores to create a passive income stream for them. 

After achieving financial and time freedom, Brandon endeavors to share his extensive real estate knowledge with others to help them earn a decent amount and change their lives.

“That first deal when I made $8,500 gave me a feeling I will never forget. That’s why I pride myself on showing others how to get their foot in so they can feel it too!”

Brandon Narain

His goal is to help at least 10 people become millionaires before he dies. Hence, he has designed a coaching program ‘The Major Framework’ to guide individuals to get started with real estate wholesale.

Brandon has transformed his life by staying dedicated, overcoming challenges, and working hard to achieve his goals. He never relied on luck to bring massive changes in his life or uplift his financial status.

Brandon’s tagline purely expresses his ideology, ‘Sponsored By God‘. He firmly believes that by putting your trust in God and working hard, one can easily conquer all life’s challenges and reach the peak of success.

To take a closer glimpse into Brandon’s life, follow him on Instagram:

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