How This Cartoon Became Part Of The Modern Chinese Culture

Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf

August 3th, 2005 was a historic day for Creative Power Entertaining. The famous and colossal hit “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf” (more info) was aired for the first time. Fourteen years later, the show has more than 2000 episodes. Every Chinese person knows about this cartoon. The show became part of the modern Chinese culture.

 “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf” was created in August 2005. The first episode is called “The Wolf is here.” It’s the story of an adorable group of goats living in their village called “Green Grassland.” The Wolf is there to catch them and eat them with his wife.

Since 2005, Chinese television viewers of all ages have enjoyed watching the show, but the cartoon itself has not aged. This eternal team has not finished entertaining us with their endless chases and foolish and funny plans.

As part of a cartoon tradition, “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf” owes its longevity to its simple but effective plot, where one attacks and the other one tries to escape. It is the endless confrontation between the big and the small, between the strong and the weak. Add some insane traps and subterfuges to the wild chase, and you’ll get an endlessly funny and light cartoon, precisely what the audience likes.

Apart from the main characters, other ones also appear in the cartoon. The Goats team is composed of Weslie and his friends (Tibbie, Paddi, Sparky, Jonie and Slowly And for the Wolves team, it is composed of Wolffy, Wolnie and Wilie. Wolffy’s life is not really easy, since he fails at each attempt to catch his victims. Not to mention that his wife is never far to make him understand that he failed again and again to catch those little goats!

The other key ingredient of this cartoon is its language and moral. Accessible yet useful words are used by the characters, which can also make the classification of this cartoon as an educational one. The moral of each story also has a meaning. This cartoon is precisely the type of show you can trust and let your child sit watching it. It is basically the opposite of those cartoons where violence and bad ideas can lead the children growing up with a corrupted imagination.

This cartoon is indeed pleasant and the characters are particularly charming. We quickly fall in love with them, and they are very entertaining. Each episode is unique and brings a good dose of good humor. Changing times, places, and surroundings bring incredible diversity and infinite imagination. In addition, I would like to add a special mention to the films that came out around these characters they are just as exciting and captivating as the show itself. To conclude, this cartoon is considered by a lot of people as one of the best of its kind for a great source of animation and entertainment at any age.

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