Interview of Juan Zamora

We’ve just discovered the remarkable young author, Juan Zamora, whose latest work, “Sensiti,” is a compelling must-read for enthusiasts of manga and anime genres. The book is so captivating that we’ve invited Juan to join us for an exclusive interview.

Juan is a Singer/Author who has always dreamed of writing interesting novels. He finds a lot of potential for creativity, both in music and writing. His second novel, Sensiti, is a Thriller/Mystery with very fantasy-like nuances. 

Interviewer: What inspired you to become a writer, and how did you begin your journey?

Juan Zamora: I got in trouble at work for daydreaming, and I’m still looking for that word in Spanish. Since I couldn’t help but daydream in my free time, I decided to explore the deeper purpose of daydreaming. Later, I discovered that writing eased my imagination, and I channelled the inner beast and put it on paper. I had many embarrassing moments in my childhood because, as we grew up, everyone stopped playing with toys. However, I continued to make stories with my hands far into my late teens. One day in high school, I decided to write better stories than Hollywood, even if my English teacher disagreed. I’m what you would call a failed Actor turned writer/singer to potentially someday leave my mark in the entertainment industry one way or the other. 

Interviewer: Do your personal experiences influence the stories that you choose to write? If so, how do you incorporate them into your writing?

Juan Zamora: Yes, it does. I advocate for mental health, and you see that a lot in the story. Moreover, each of Sensiti’s characters have a disability. From Abigail, the blind person who became the assistant of the secretary of the US president. To Sensiti/Kai, who became immortal but needed a blood transfusion to stay alive. My spiritual life fuels the story, and the little corner of my mind where I hide my intrusive thoughts inspired me. Specifically, the section where the MC gets castrated in the past life may seem taboo, but it develops the story to a new height.

Interviewer: Did you face any challenges while writing this book, and how did you overcome them? 

Juan Zamora: Yes, one of the biggest challenges that I faced was researching Britain’s ancient tribes like the Caledones and Celtics. It took me seven months to research and build the story’s structure. It was a Novel that I crafted in my mind for ten years because I wanted everything to make sense. I want people to be intrigued and have questions raised in their minds even after reading the story several times.

Interviewer: Briefly overview your upcoming book and its main theme and genre. 

Juan Zamora:  Sensiti is about a boy/Yuan, who meets a genius/Samuel, around the same age as him, who makes him feel insecure about his intelligence. Yuan somehow manages to tap into his past life to become smarter and slowly remembers that he was, in fact, one if not the best Warrior/Magician who could be said to rival Merlin. While remembering his past life, he sees Ironized-Kai, a black orphan man who was considered to become the next head of the Shaolin monks. However, Kai failed to become a head monk because he killed Cain, the immortal from the story of Cain and Abel in the Bible, and in doing so, became an immortal who roamed the earth for over a thousand years wanting to die, after which he infiltrated Yuan’s elementary in Yuan’s current incarnation desiring to be killed by Yuan. It’s an Action/Thriller ride with a touch of Fantasy. The main theme could be said to be development through suffering. 

Interviewer: What emotions do you want your readers to feel while reading your book? 

Juan Zamora: I want them to feel how tangible the characters are, the realism and surrealism. The epic fight sequences and a thoughtful, inspirational realisation that the characters conclude for themselves—the struggle to be limited yet extraordinary. 

Interviewer: Can you share a few details about your desired environment for writing and your writing routine? 

Juan Zamora: An environment that is light and organized is best. What is more important is the state of mind, energy, and will. My routine is all over the place; sometimes, I’m singing at the piano and releasing music on Soundcloud. Other times, I’m at the computer with little to no impulse to write, even though I already know the whole story in my head. Then, other times, I’m writing a chapter, and a little nuance would set me back for months; sometimes, it’s writer’s block. I would go to sleep thinking of alternative endings to a chapter, altering the course of the story in a dozen different ways and directions. Some days, I can’t even sleep because I’m not satisfied with something as simple as finding enough synonym words or a broader vocabulary. Only another writer would understand the struggle. Remember, I want to prove my English teacher wrong, haha.

Interviewer: Are there any literary works or authors that inspire your writing style?   

Juan Zamora: Yes, as a matter of fact, I enjoy reading a lot of manga and have been heavily inspired by Japanese and Korean light novels and other cultures. 

Interviewer: Is there any message you want to convey to your readers through your book?

Juan Zamora: I know once you read the book, it will feel like a movie, but essentially, it is a story of hard work. It’s a story where the main character chooses himself as the hero/genius. Through hard work, he proves that if destiny has it, a regular person can humble a genius; it can happen if you choose it to be so, and that person can be you. An example is how the chef Gordon Ramday gets humbled by his mother, who is not a chef, doesn’t have 5-star restaurants or isn’t famous. It’s that kind of story.

Interviewer: Are there any parts in your book that you found challenging to write? 

Juan Zamora: Yes, like I said, the castration in his past life was difficult to write. I was like … what will people say or think about this? Another challenging thing to write was a couple of chapters about two lesbian couples hiding from the Inquisition. And lastly, when the main character becomes homeless in Brazil and has to wear a diaper right after exiting the jungle. All those parts made my anxiety tick.

Interviewer: In the future, are there any specific themes or writing projects you look forward to exploring and writing about? 

Juan Zamora: Yes, I’m currently writing my third Novel. It’s a post-apocalyptic dystopia after the restitution of World War Three, but it’s not what you are thinking remotely. It’s called The Trillion Dollar Cow, and as you read, it’s about a cow. I think the title will draw more readers than the title Sensiti, which sounds unfamiliar. My first novel, Between Taste and Sound, is being edited as we speak, and when it’s ready, it will be released along with my third Novel.

Interviewer: Thank you, Juan, for participating in this interview. Your presence has been invaluable, and we look forward to hosting you again in the future—best wishes for the success of your forthcoming book.

Juan Zamora: Thank you for the interview. It was a pleasure, and I hope I was informative. I will be happy to come again with future releases. 

Get your copy of “Sensiti” by clicking on the following link:

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