How to Find the Right Translation Service

Tips for Finding the Right Translation Service

So you’ve got a document or website you need to translate into another language? You realise that you’ll need to get the job done through a translation company, but how do you find a provider that’s right for you? It can be tough, as there are thousands of translation companies out there, and you need to find one you can really trust to ensure that your message is transferred accurately into the target language.

Shop Around

Don’t just go with the first provider that pops up on Google, choose several options and start researching them. Once you’ve found a few reputable looking options, get in contact and request quotes for your document or service. As always, the ‘goldilocks’ approach is a good one – you want an approach that’s not too cheap or expensive, but just right in the middle to weed out poor quality low-ball offers as well as sky-high quotes. 

Find Reviews

Any translation company worth their salt will have a My Google Business page where customers can leave a rating from one to five stars. As well as checking the overall rating given, have a look at the ratings themselves – if most of the company’s reviews are both positive and relatively new, this is a good indicator.

Do They Match Your Speciality?

Many providers specialise in specific areas, such as medical or legal translation. Finding a company that matches your niche ensures that the provider will know the ins and outs of your business area. A specialist provider will also have translators that specialise in your subject, meaning the quality is likely to be higher.

Look Locally – Or Not?

Thanks to the international nature of business, you can order a translation from pretty much anywhere around the globe, but should you? Our answer is yes and no. If proximity is your key, you might want to consider looking for providers in your local area (ideal if you want a certified translation done quickly, as you can pick up the document in person if needs be).  If you’re looking for a translation into a specific language, going further afield may be a good call, for example picking an agency in Paris to handle a French to English job as they’ll certainly have access to high-quality resources for checking the final French texts through.

Get a Feel for the Quality of Service

An obvious one perhaps, but what impression do you get from the company when contacting them? Are they slow to answer your questions, or are they fast, friendly responders that provide detailed information following your request? Their service style (or lack of one) is probably an indication of how future communication will go, so stay away from companies that give off a bad vibe.


Don’t just stop at the first language service provider you come across, compare prices and services, and if possible find an agency that deals with your subject niche. One service we would recommend is

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