Here’s How Your Office Furniture Impacts Your Team’s Productivity

Office Furniture Impacts Your Team’s Productivity

You can search online for office furniture to realize how many options you have. You can pick from the most gimmicky to the purely functional types. Your only limit is your budget. However, when it comes to the workplace, the style you choose sends visual cues about your brand. Not to mention the impact of every piece of office furniture in boosting your employee’s productivity and potential.

The Link Between Office Furniture and Productivity

Hammocks and desk chairs are indeed becoming more popular, especially in communal areas. However, more and more often, furniture needs to reflect and support the tasks which are carried out in the office. With great furniture, you will be able to take your team’s productivity to an entirely new level. That is why nearly all office spaces worldwide opt for a makeover to the dull and old office furniture. It’s not just tech companies and creative start-ups that decide to use more stylish furniture in their offices. More companies are designing their offices with standing desks, comfortable chairs, and lots of indoor plants, according to FastCompany.

Why is Office Furniture so Important?

We spend almost a third of our lives in the office. If you want to find and retain top talents, your company needs to create a work environment where working becomes more pleasurable. You will empower your employees with the right space to work, think, and collaborate. 70% of offices nowadays are open plan, which can be a great layout. However, it needs to be implemented with your employees’ productivity and happiness in mind. From private meeting rooms to creative and breakout areas, you should build and design your office space with different environments and unique furniture. You will then really be able to maximize your employee’s wellbeing, and productivity, according to

What Office Furniture Should You Choose?

As we mentioned above, there are so many types of office furniture available on the market. For this reason, companies need to stand out from the crowd and choose something unique. In particular, lightSpace is one of the most creative brands in public space furniture in China. Adhering to originality, it breaks down the East–West concept barrier and joins hands with well-known European designers for stunning masterpieces of furniture. lightSpace establishes relationship between space and layer by the well-selected materials, excellent quality, reasonable prices and perfect service. It offers some of the most eye-pleasing and yet convenient pieces of office furniture. They can provide your work environment with everything you need, from chairs to sofas, from tables and benches to other office accessories. Take, for example, their pig bench. Thanks to its adorable shape, this multipurpose pouf can be used in a whole plethora of office styles. It can be upholstered in both leather or a different fabric. You need to lift the upper part to place small objects and magazines inside this adorable pig-shaped seat. Their products have won several prestigious prizes. In particular, their pig-shaped bench won the 2015 Reddot Award for its unique and appealing design.

Why Should You Choose LightSpace?

With its functional and beautiful office furniture, lightSpace is setting new design standards for workplaces in the whole world. Their office accessories and furniture offer the perfect starting place for teams of all sizes to be happier, healthier, and more productive.

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