Hosted SMTP – Top Vendors Reviewed

Hosted SMTP - Top Vendors Reviewed

SMTP is an abbreviation for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, and it is an email relay service that lowers the chances of your emails being categorized as spam or bugged with malware.

There are so many hosted SMTP vendors online, it can be difficult to tell which service actually works. A good SMTP service requires features such as anti-virus scanning and an identifiable IP address for sent emails. It should also provide a comprehensive SMTP relay service that can channel emails to only your customers.

SMTP authentication checks particular credentials before an email is sent. The mail client of the sender is identified by the mail server, and your domain name is authenticated before the message is sent. This system works with popular email clients such as Outlook Express.

Here are some of the top hosted SMTP vendors you should consider…

If you need a hosted SMTP relay service that offers access to IMAP, webmail (for blacklist and whitelist management) and reliable spam and virus protection, we would recommend you take a look at the service offered by Duocircle. To use the hosted email by Duocircle, you will need to sign up and select a monthly or annual subscription. The service plans can accommodate ten users and only needs a disk quota of 1GB. You can also create a personalized domain name to send and receive emails.

Hostgator is another company that provides reliable and value for money SMTP relay services. You can choose monthly plans on their platform to enjoy full protection from malware and spam, your own domain name, and an open message relay system.

Blue Host

On this platform, you are given access to a consistent email relay service that is protected by anti-spam software and a secure server. The SMTP relay service offered by Blue Host can also be personalized to help your audience quickly identify your email among the rest.

Site Ground

This hosted SMTP service has been around for a while, and they can certainly be trusted to deliver high-level management of webmail for local and non-local email recipients.

Google SMTP Server

Google also has an excellent hosted SMTP service that can be customizsed to your preferences for sending emails. All emails sent through the Google SMTP system can also be archived for reference purposes. The requirements to use this service are a Gmail account, or you can use your Google Apps account with a subscription. Google SMTP setup (more about this) is easy for people who are familiar with the SMTP service; however, you can follow a guide online to setup your SMTP relay service if you are a first time user. On the Google platform, users can only send a maximum of ninety-nine emails daily.  

These are just a few of the top SMTP hosts ( to consider. When looking for the right SMTP hosting service, it is important to do your research and analyze which service offers the best features, whilst delivering value for money. If you need advice as to what is the best SMTP as a service, please just comment below!

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