Artificial Grass vs. Natural Grass – Which Should You Choose?

Artificial Grass vs. Natural Grass - Which Should You Choose

You can maximise the use of your outdoor areas by covering the space with grass. There are two options; you can choose either natural grass, or artificial grass. We are here to help you choose between the two!

Why Should You Consider Grass as an Option for Covering Your Outdoor Space?

Grass is an excellent choice if you have kids and pets. They can have a great time playing outdoors when the weather is good. You can also use outdoor spaces covered with grass to host parties and for family BBQs. Moreover, grass is beautiful; the lush green look adds to the aesthetic appeal of your home.

For some, the upkeep and maintenance of natural grass can be a challenge. Artificial grass was developed to offer people who need grass on their outdoor space, but don’t have the time to look after it. Let’s discuss some of the features of artificial grass to help you decide (this article discusses the overall benefits)

Care and Maintenance

Artificial grass requires minimal maintenance after it has been installed. The low maintenance makes this choice best for people who will not have much time to care for natural grass. If you decide to grow natural grass, you will need to create time to mow the grass often to prevent it from becoming untidy. Artificial grass, as you would expect, does not require watering, but you must consistently water natural grass to keep it healthy.

Aesthetic Appeal

Artificial grass looks beautiful when it has been properly installed. The consistency and texture make it a much more desirable choice for many people. The beauty of artificial grass lawns can be achieved with natural grass, but it can be expensive both in time and money to achieve such a result. Areas covered with natural grass can become patchy and lose its beauty, especially when your kids play outdoors often, or if you have pets such as dogs that dig up dirt.

How Does the Weather Affect the Grass?

Artificial grass is made to withstand different weather conditions. Your lawn will look fantastic both after a harsh winter or a hot summer. This may not be the case with the natural grass. You may need to regrow parts of a natural grass lawn after a hard winter. Summer heat can also cause damage to a natural grass lawn. With artificial grass, these issues won’t be a problem.

Versatile Use

There are limitations to spaces that can be covered with natural grass. However, artificial grass can be installed in different places, such as your lawn, patios, and around a swimming pool. You also have choices with artificial grass. You can choose different blade lengths, colour, or even the texture.

Artificial Grass Provides Instant Value

Depending on the space to be covered, it takes only a few hours to install artificial turf in your outdoor space, according to After installation, you can start using it and enjoying the benefits. On the other hand, natural grass takes months to grow. During the growth period of your natural grass, you may not be able to use the space. For more information on the advantages, check out this article.

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