Factors Affecting Hair Transplant Results

Factors Affecting Hair Transplant Results

Many factors can influence the results of a hair transplant procedure such as the FUE (see YouTube for this procedure). Even the type of skin you have and how easily you heal will be important factors when it comes to healing time and how quickly you will see the expected result.

There is obviously variation among people in healing time and how long it takes for hair follicles to grow back. It also depends on how many follicular units are harvested and grafted as to when you will see a result and what your appearance will be.

Immediately after a hair transplant procedure, there may be some swelling and pain, most of which can be dealt with by using anti-inflammatories and other medications recommended by your hair loss specialist.

Any adverse effects should resolve relatively quickly provided you are in good health and have had your work done at a reputable clinic. Additional creams, medications and plasma-rich therapy may help in the healing process and may increase the growth and thickness of hair.

A person who is younger is also likely to heal a little faster but even if you are over 50 years old there is no reason you can’t still get an excellent result from the FUE hair transplant. You can find out more about the timeline involved in seeing results by visiting https://www.veraclinic.net/blog-en/hair-growth-timeline-after-hair-transplantation/.

Hair Transplant Results and Follicular Units

How many follicular units need to be transplanted will depend on the level of hair loss, and in men this can be assessed by using the Norwood scale with the least hair loss being at number one, and the most at number 7.

A man may not be able to get the desired result if he is high on the Norwood scale because there have to be enough hair follicles left in the donor site to be transplanted. This is why it is so important for men to seek treatment in the earlier stages of hair loss before they are further along on the Norwood scale.

In the future there may be ways to grow extra hair artificially in the laboratory; such research is ongoing with some promising results.

Will Results Be Better With Hair Transplant Surgery or with the Use of Medications?

The medications finasteride and minoxidil cannot replace missing hair. These medications can be of use since they help to slow the process by which hair is lost. However, the only way to actually replace missing hair is to have a hair transplant procedure such as the FUE.

This is why so many men and even women choose to have hair transplant procedures. It will provide the best option for getting back a full head of hair.

Results of hair transplant methods may also vary depending on your state of health and on the actual cause of your hair loss, points out this article. For the best possible outcome, you should make sure you are in very good health and that you follow a healthy and nutritious diet. Nutrition is an important part of having healthy hair growth.

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