E-Signatures: A Must To Switch And Save Money


E-signatures – What are they, what do they do and can implement the e-signature into your business practices really save you money? Let’s take a close look at the e-signature and see just how this technology can benefit you and your business.

First, What is An E-Signature?

In simple terms, instead of having to meet with someone in person and have them physically sign a document with a pen, an e-signature is a digital signature that’s input into a digital document or through an app on a tablet, a smartphone, or a digital document (such as a PDF) on a computer, according to Techlicious. The e-signature can then be sent back via a text message or email.

It’s really as simple as sending the request via a text message, having the recipient input their digital e-signature, then sending a copy of that signature straight back to you. No more signing paperwork, no more scanning signed documents and email them back, and no more waiting around. It’s fast, it’s seamless and it’s all-round very easy.

Are E-Signatures Secure and Legal?

There are standards in place in most developed countries to ensure the privacy and security of online dealings and this includes the e-signature. In America, this is governed by the ESIGN Act and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, and it’s the same for other countries where the e-signature feature is readily available and accepted.

Security is always paramount with electronic documents, so you can be assured it’s perfectly safe to sign documents electronically. As far as legalities go, and an electronic signature is viewed the same way these days as a handwritten signature is. In a way, electronic signatures started back in the 80s when people would sign a document and fax it back. This then evolved into scanning signed documents and emailing them back. Now we can do it all via a simple text message.

It’s All About Being More Efficient and Improving Workflow

Just think about how implementing e-signature technology (like this) could improve and speed up the workflow at your business. Staff will be more efficient and have more time to tend to other tasks. Sending out the request is quick and simple, and digital signatures can be returned in real-time. For some businesses obtaining a quick response from a customer or client is essential for success. When you consider businesses that work in a sales environment, for example, just how effective the e-signature will prove to be.

Say you have a rep cold calling potential clients to get their business or to sell them a product or service. With the e-signature, as soon as the rep has the client interested, he or she can send out the paperwork to be signed and sealed on the spot. This is great news for your bottom line. To make use of a well-worn cliché, it’s all about striking while the iron’s hot.

It’s not just businesses that are involved in sales that can benefit from adopting e-signature technology either, although most businesses are about sales in one form or another. Insurance companies can readily and easily send off-contract renewals to current customers, or new insurance contracts to new clients.

Web designers and SEO firms can instantly get a new client contract signed virtually instantaneously and get started on the workflow for this valuable new client.

It’ll save time which also saves money, as well as increases your chances of gaining more clients more quickly and increasing business revenue.

Everything Can Be Stored Electronically

This is a very key point on a number of different levels. For starters, the less paperwork there is, the better things are for our environment. Reducing your carbon footprint in this way can even be a very topical and important sales point regarding your business. When documents are stored electronically, finding them and bringing them up is a breeze. It also saves loads of time and potential frustration. Loss of important documentation will prove to be a thing of the past, so long as you keep.

Why Wait? Adopt E-Signature Technology Today!

The e-signature is the way things will be done in the future and they’re here now, so it only makes good business sense to incorporate them into your business structure as soon as possible. Adopt e-signatures today and you’ll stay a step ahead of the game and your competition, and save money in the process (https://www.cio.com/article/3309431/5-reasons-esignatures-are-the-must-have-tool-you-dont-think-about.html).

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