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Wondershare is a website that is famous for the provision of essential information on phone complications. Smartphones are growing at a very high speed in this 21st century. A large population uses these devices for communicational and educational purposes. From these gadgets, android phones are the most famous owned by billions across the world.

What matters a lot with these devices is care and maintenance, and therefore, everybody wants to protect the phone from unauthorized persons and protect your files/data. The only simple method is to lock your phone’s screen using a password or a pattern, but, sometimes you may forget the password. You may try every password you remember but still unlocking the phone remains problematic. Say goodbye to such issues because this article will provide you with the necessary information to unlock

How to Use Dr. Fone- Screen Unlock Software

The Wondershare website contains Dr. Fone Best ways to Unlock Android Phones Forgot Password losing data

Dr. Fone for android screen unlocks is a multipurpose tool that can enable you to restore lost files of your android phone. It also allows you to open a forgotten password. It recovers various data types such as videos, apps, messages, call history, photos, contacts, and audio from different android devices like HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Google Sony, LG, and Lenovo.

The most incredible fact about Dr. Fone’s Software is that it can work on both unrooted and rooted android devices. It incredibly removes the forgotten android password while protecting your data files. More so, the Software is easy to use and cost-effective. However, you can use the Software to unlock other android gadgets like Huawei, but you may lose all data files after the unlocking process.

Furthermore, the tool can remove four-screen lock types, i.e., PIN, pattern, fingerprints, and password, without losing data. Besides, there is no need for special knowledge to handle the Software, only basics.

Step by steps guides on how to unlock android phones.

Some people tend to enter wrong passwords too often when unlocking the phone and locking it completely. Sometimes you may also forget your phone’s exact password or pattern; you will not access anything on the phone. This platform is useful as it has quick steps for the unlocked forgotten android password.

What you only need is the Dr. Fone Android Screen Unlock Software on your computer and use the below guide

Step one: choose “Screen Unlock” baton

This step becomes successful when you have already downloaded, installed, and launched the program on your computer. After opening the Software, tap on the “Screen Unlock” button, and then connect the locked android phone before clicking on the “Unlock Android Screen” option.

Step two: Hold the Volume-Up button until the phone is in the Download Mode

For your phone to enter ‘Download Mode,’ you need to follow commands on the phone’s screen. Power off the phone, simultaneously press the power and volume down buttons. The next action will be to press down the Volume Up button until your shifts to Download Mode.

Step three: Download package recovery

The device will automatically detect that your phone is in the “Download Mode” and download the recovery package in a matter of time.

Step four: Start clearing Android Password

After the download process is over, the Software will successfully unlock the screen by removing the password. Under this step, you will then confirm if the password is still there. Remember, this phone is safe and will protect your data.

Furthermore, the website also provides you with other essential information like techniques resetting the android password.

Tips for Resetting Android Password

There are various ways to reset your android after forgetting the password, i.e., using the factory reset technique or Google account.

Google Account

This feature is only available on android 4.0 and other older versions, and therefore if your phone is 5.0, go for factory reset. Google account method involves the following steps;

Step one: Repeat the wrong PIN five times on the android phone

Step two: tap on the “Forgot Password” option, and if it is a pattern, you will click “Forgot Pattern.”

Step three: You will have to enter your Google account, followed by the username, then finally the password.

Step four: Simple as walking in the park. Start to reset your phone’s password.

Factory Resetting

A factory reset is another alternative to the above method so, if the Google account method fails, try this one. Let this way be the last option because you will lose all data, not sync to your Google account. Before the factory reset your android phone, remove your SIM and SD card. The technique involves a few steps;

Step one; switch off your android phone, remove SIM card and SD card

Step two: Simultaneously press the Volume Up + Home Button and Power Button on Alcatel and Samsung android phones until it shifts recovery mode. You can succeed in the process by simultaneous pressing of Volume Up and Power Buttons only in some android phones such as HTC.

Step three: Use the Volume buttons to scroll and the Power key to select the recovery mode. The volume button will direct you to your phone’s android recovery.

Step four: go to Wipe Data or factory reset option and choose it using the power button.

Step five: under the Wipe/Factory reset option, select “Yes” and reboot the android device.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the ordinary android phones to unlock with Dr. Fone software?

It recovers various data types such as videos, apps, messages, call history, photos, contacts, and audio from different android devices like HTC, Samsung, Motorolla, Google Sony, LG, and Lenovo.

Can I use my Google account to unlock my forgotten password android device?

Yes, though, this feature is only available on android 4.0 and other older versions, and therefore, if your phone is 5.0, go for factory reset.


From the above discussions, we can see how useful is the Wondershare website. If you own an android phone, prepare to unlock the forgotten password. The only safest and easy-to-use Software is the Dr. Fone – Android Lock Screen Removal. On the other hand, recovering a forgotten password using the Google account method is immediate and available.

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