5 Ground-Breaking Software Products Helping to Improve Your Security

5 Ground-Breaking Software Products Helping to Improve Your Security

The world has sadly become a dangerous place to be in. Terror attacks, cyber and home security threats are only a few of the many security hazards which are a constant reminder that we are not secure. The prevailing scenario thus seriously calls for personal safety measures. Technology, where on one hand has made us prone to external threats, on the other has also proposed solutions to frequent security problems. In fact technological advancement is continually equipping us with combat shields against upcoming potential dangers. Today, we are going to discuss the five technologies specifically designed for businesses and personal use to combat these threats on a daily basis.

For your Business’s Safety

1. Octopus

None of us pays attention to the complex security systems integrated into our schools, malls, companies, and factories. None of us can understand the measures taken to make these facilities safe unless you work as a security personnel. What we see is usually a team of security guards, a room equipped with all the monitoring accessories and cameras hidden from plain sight; and everything seems to be the result of a straight and simple process. But it really isn’t.

Octopus is an Isreali startup which in short-time gained attention because it facilitates organizations by providing more flexibility to surveillance personnel than ever. By combining efficient software with smartphone applications, Octopus, a physical security management system, enables an organization to effectively manage logistics requirements as well as security and safety of the business.

The biggest advantage of Octopus software is it provides a single interface for all the security systems implemented within an organization inclusive of all the alarms, cybersecurity threat alerts, monitoring of cameras and fraud inhibition, etc. Octopus has helped organizations in bringing down their security expenditure by unifying and gathering all the means of protection at one place.

CEO of Octopus says “Businesses require agility, flexibility and maximum usability of all the implemented resources. Cloud computing fulfills this requirement and provides the most comprehensive and cost-effective security management system. Many cloud security services are emerging every day such as the video surveillance system hosted by cloud, and other IoT based devices. But Octopus provides its customers with the safest integration with other cloud-based services.”

2. Bluebox

Most of the businesses online have already adopted “Mobilegeddon”. They are not making their websites mobile-friendly rather the overall process of their organization. They are integrating apps with their day to day processes to make the environment all the more mobile. However, allowing several applications to have access to your data can increase the chances of a breach. Bluebox (company details) is a great security software which protects consumers and enterprise apps from intrusion and infiltration. That means customer information remains secure while they access services over the internet whether from a mobile or another device, whereas the company’s information also remains safe when accessed remotely.

Bluebox doesn’t restrict the usage of apps rather makes all the apps secure for your employees. It is precisely focused on making every app self-protecting.

For Personal Use

3. Companion

“I’ll inform you when I get there” is the most common departing comment we make to our friends and family. We always want to inform someone of our whereabouts at all times to keep ourselves safe from accidents, essentially any sad incident.

Companion is the new great personal security app. It doesn’t let you be alone while walking home at two in the morning. The app introduces a buddy system which allows your close friends and family to track your location when connected with internet. In order to make the most benefit out of this app, you’ll require high-speed and reliable internet connection. Visit here to get yourself the best internet service in your area. “Companion” acts as the tracking app which allows your buddies to map your start and end points.

The best thing about the app is it tracks the location through the map. So your companions don’t really have to have the app in order to track you.

4. bSafe

bSafe is another tracking app with a great many feature. Just like a companion you can set up a network of friends and family over the app to keep your location tracked when on move. This concise group of close people can follow you home via the GPS trace.

The amazing features of the app include raising an alarm in case of an emergency. Doing so will send your exact location to your chosen network of close people. You can also record video and audio in order to present evidence to the police in case of any incidence. Check out bSafe at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bipper.app.bsafe&hl=en_US.

5. Rudder

We all will certainly prefer a well-lit route to our destination if we are walking home alone on our own. But how can we determine which route is the best suitable? Well, Rudder solves this problem for us quite efficiently. It is a mapping-app focused on walking directions. Rudder’s algorithm not only finds the shortest route for you but also shows the best lit and safe path to your destination. How does Rudder do it? Well, it compares the provided route with the given city’s public light database. And no. The app doesn’t suggest a completely out of the way route either. In fact it even offers a light meter which lets you know how well-lit the route really is.

The above-discussed five apps are recommended by experts as the best of security apps for businesses and personal use. I hope the article has been of help in identifying apps and software which can be of great security service to you.

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