Bentley Oil Changes are Crucial

Bentley Oil Changes are Crucial

Over the last few years, prices on Bentleys older than 2010 have seen significant price drops, according to For example, a 2004 or 2005 Bentley Continental GT can be found for under $40,000. These luxury vehicles boast twin-turbocharged 552-horsepower W12 engines. That’s quite the amount of power under the hood for a very affordable price. Bentleys come with impeccable hand-sewn British leather and unparalleled prestige. However, the infotainment system on these older Continentals seem to leave a bit to be desired from most current and former owners of the vehicle. 

With how accessible these cars have become, it has caused many potential owners to wonder how much costs would be for a Bentley oil change and regular maintenance. Part of the reason why the market these luxury vehicles has seen such a decrease is because they still are seen as rather expensive to maintain in the eyes of many would be owners. This is because it is more difficult to find parts for Bentleys than it is for normal consumer cars. Additionally, mechanics who are highly knowledgeable Bentley certified are becoming increasingly rare. 

Bentley Oil Change Costs

So how much does a Bentley oil change cost? As is the case with all vehicles, it depends on several factors, says First, how old is it, and how many miles does it have? Any vehicle with over 100,000 miles has a higher chance of needing more maintenance than models with less wear and tear. Will you be driving your Bentley daily, or just on occasion? Also, if you drive in snow or in a climate with high temperatures, that will impact the cost of your Bentley oil changes. Typically, Bentley oil change and other maintenance costs average about $2,500. However, you could pay up to $4,000 – $5,000 per year on Bentley oil changes and maintenance.

The Importance of Bentley Oil Change

It’s no secret that Bentley oil changes need to be performed regularly. Even though most drivers do understand that oil change and maintenance is important, it’s less common for vehicle owners to fully understand why that is. There are some misconceptions that people may have, but those can be cleared up fairly easily. 

First and foremost, oil is one of the most important parts of any engine, says this article. While the engine is running, all of the moving components create a lot of friction and heat. Without the right amount of fresh oil in an engine, these parts will overheat and eventually break down. Oil for your engine prevents overheating by reducing the amount of friction that is created by its moving parts. Just like parts of a car break down over time due to normal wear and tear, the same is true for the breakdown of your engine oil. This is why it is crucial to get a Bentley oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, or every six months, if that comes first. As previously mentioned the amount of Bentley oil changes you will need depends on where you live, how much and how far you drive, and so on. When you are in the market for a Bentley oil change, be sure to find a mechanic who is Bentley certified and knowledgeable at what they do. This is highly important when it comes to extending the life of your Bentley. 

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