Why You Should Visit Hungary

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Hungary is beautiful and relatively cheap to visit, but that is not all. Here’s why you should consider visiting Hungary on your next vacation:


Nothing is greater than having a relaxing stay in a country and experiencing its heart and soul – Culture and Arts.

Hungary’s culture and arts are most evident in their remarkable architectural designs. Between 1890 and 1910, Art Nouveau, French for “new art,” is the most popular architectural style in the country and even in Europe. But when a notable figure in Hungarian Art Nouveau named Ödön Lechner made an architectural design with mixed inspiration from Indian, Syrian, and traditional Hungarian designs, he was able to produce an Art Nouveau that is specific to Hungary.

Anywhere you go in the country, especially in its capital city, Budapest, you will see evidence of the country’s unique art. One great example of this is the Museum of Applied Arts or the Iparművészeti Múzeum in Budapest, designed by Ödön Lechner himself.

The museum has an eye-catching green roof and exhibits beautiful Zsolnay pottery and Majolica, some Hungarian folk ceramics. The structure used to host design events and modern exhibitions before it was closed in 2017 due to some renovations. However, it is said to possibly reopen this year.


Your stay in Hungary will not be complete without experiencing a relaxing and therapeutical bath in any of the country’s numerous thermal and spas. These are great if you are traveling with kids, says familytravelpath.com.

Although a landlocked country, gaining no access to the oceans and seas, Hungary still boasts an abundant number of mineral springs. About 1,500 mineral springs are being used in the country, with 200 giving proven medicinal effects.

Located in Budapest’s City Park center lies one of the most visited thermal spas in the country, Széchenyi Baths and Pool. It is also the largest medicinal bath in Europe and is supplied by two thermal springs! Széchenyi screams elegance with its palace-like structure, and amazingly huge bath tourists can enjoy. A full-day bath ticket with Cabin usage costs about 6,900 HUF or 21.9 USD during weekdays, while 7,200 HUF or 22.9 USD on weekends.


Budapest should never go out of the list of reasons why you should visit Hungary as the capital city will surely bring out the best of your Hungary trip.

There are many fun things to do and experience in this city, but one thing you can never miss out on is taking pictures! Budapest is regarded as one of the most photogenic places in Europe, making it a perfect place for sightseeing and picture-taking. You can either cruise in the famous Danube River or take a refreshing walk in the Széchenyi Chain Bridge, which connects Buda to Pest, to enjoy magnificent views of Budapest.

Another is to visit Nagy Vásárcsarnok or the Great Market Hall. It is the largest indoor market in the city, where you can buy authentic Hungarian snacks, fresh fruits and vegetables, gourmet jams, and souvenirs. Check out the Budapest travel guide for more on getting the best experience in Budapest.


Hungary is more than its rich culture, incredible architecture, thermal baths, and spas. It is also a place for a great gastronomic experience.

Known to many, Hungarian cuisine is generally spicy because of their love of paprika. Gulyás or goulash is a dish you must look out for when visiting Hungary. It is the country’s national dish, mainly made of chunks of beef and vegetables cooked with the finest and high-quality paprika. Because it is Hungary’s National dish, most local restaurants have this on their menu.

Locals are also fond of meat and cheese, just like any other European country. Lángos is a deep-fried bread topped with sour cream and cheese. Despite its simplicity, it is still regarded as a traditional favorite. Another is the Dobostorta, a chocolate sponge cake unique to Hungary and is a must-try for your dessert. The chocolate buttercream on each of the cake’s layers and the sweet caramel on top make Dobostorta an ideal dish to finish off a satisfying Hungarian meal.

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