Why You Should Get Tested for HIV Quickly

Why You Should Get Tested for HIV Quickly

Considering the level of advancement in medicine, no one diagnosed with HIV should ever have any challenges for living a normal life, say https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/323981.php. There are advanced drugs that can render HIV inactive in our bodies for a lifetime.

However, people who do not know that they have been infected with the HIV are still at risk. The drugs for managing HIV among positive people are highly effective when they are taken on time, as soon as a positive diagnosis is made.

Early detection of HIV is the key to helping everyone with this medical condition. If you have been exposed in any way, there is an urgent need to get tested for HIV infection. Here is some more information, provided by Rapid HIV Test Singapore (see here).

What is Exposure?

In this context, exposure means a situation where you have had unprotected sex with one or more partners, whose HIV status is unknown to you. Also, actions such as sharing sharp objects, for example syringe or blades, can expose you to HIV if one of the people using these things is infected.

Doing an HIV test

To get tested for HIV, you need to visit a medical centre where you will be tested. The common and most effective way of determining your HIV status is by testing your blood. A sample is drawn and tested. The result will be ready in a few minutes.

HIV infection is confirmed if the tests reveal the presence of Antigens; these are proteins in HIV. Also, the presence of antibodies produced by our human system to fight the infection is an indication that the individual is infected with HIV.

There’s No Need to Panic

The infection will be apparent in test results after a few weeks of exposure. If the result is negative, you will be given further advice on how to stay safe and avoid getting infected.

On the other hand, a positive result will require further tests to determine the extent of infection and the right anti-retroviral drugs that you must start taking to stop the spread of HIV in your system.

How Effective are Anti-Retroviral Drugs?

The ARVs are very effective; there are many people living normal lives thanks to these drugs, says the BBC. You will be advised on how to take ARVs, and ways to consistently take the drugs. After a positive diagnosis, you may need to take ARVs for the rest of your life. However, these drugs will keep you healthy, and no one will ever know you hsave HIV from your physical appearance.

Early detection can also guarantee parenthood. If your HIV status is found to be positive early, there are steps you can take that can protect your children from becoming infected, if you decide to get married and have kids.

It is important to note that HIV can be passed from mother to child during childbirth, according to NIH.gov. Mother to child infection will not happen if the parents know their HIV status and the right steps have been taken to prevent transmission during childbirth.

So, we would highly recommend that you get a Rapid HIV test now at this page. It is advised that everyone should get tested at least once a year and intentionally avoid risky behaviour that can lead to exposure.



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