How Electric Skateboards Can Improve Your Daily Commuting

How Electric Skateboards Can Improve Your Daily Commuting

Since the electric skateboard has experienced a massive surge in popularity – and rightly so – we thought it might be time to review all how you can cut your gas budget, use this fascinating technology for your daily transport and even use them to improve your daily commute. Electric Skateboards are fantastic, and we here at intend to prove it!

A Brief History of the Electric Skateboard

Long before we were considering using an electric skateboard for daily transport, there were early, more conceptual models that didn’t stand the test of time. The very first skateboard to be motorized was known as the Motoboard (Wired, 1994), and was gas powered rather than electronic. It was loud, noisy and did nothing to cut down the average gas budget. It’s also has been banned in some states because of the pollution it gives off.

The engineers went back to the drawing board and, in the late nineties, a man named Louie Finkle (Choose Wire) filed a patent for what we now think of as the electric skateboard. Unfortunately, the ability to power the board hadn’t been invented yet, and so it was well after 2010 before we began to see them appear on a commercial level.

All of that is history, however, and now you can buy one as quickly as picking up a new PC online… but how do they work and are electric skateboards worthy of investment? Let’s take a closer look at how it all works to find out.

The Electric Skateboard: How Does It Work?

The innards of an electric skateboard contain a lithium powered motor and a matching giant battery. Wires run between the two, and all are sealed inside the board itself. The wheels are connected to the motor by use of a pulley system. The battery operates the motor, the motor powers the wheels. In effect, you are left with a skateboard that powers itself, allowing you to get the thrill of skateboarding without doing any of the work!

The more advanced the model is, the bigger the battery, motor or board. There are also two types of motor in your average electric skateboard: the hub motor or the belt motor. A belt motor uses a belt to turn the pulley and thus the wheels, while the hub motor is built directly into the wheel. The hub motor is lighter, more cost effective and much more likely to be found in less expensive models.

Of course, there is more to a skateboard than just the mechanics! Steering, for example, is another matter altogether. Anything that has a handle for easy steering falls technically into the category of electric scooter rather than an electric skateboard steering your state-of-the-art board should be much the same as steering a regular skateboard. That’s right! Leaning in the direction you want to turn is the preferred method of steering in an electronic skateboard!

The deck is also a little different from your average skateboard. What makes the electronic skateboard suitable for daily transport use is its durability. Many models are made from fiberglass or other highly dexterous materials. Some decks are firm and sturdy; others are softer to absorb shock — the choice is yours.

Is Now a Good Time to Invest in the Electric Skateboard?

Whether you are considering purchasing one of your own or whether you are thinking of investing in electronic skateboards – then now is the time to move. The success of the electric scooter, electric bicycle, and the electric car are all coinciding with a global movement to reduce carbon emissions, and the electric skateboard is a hundred times better for the environment than either the old Motoboard or a car. Similarly, they don’t have the emissions of catching the bus or getting a taxi – and are even better for the environment than carpooling.

The surge in environmental consciousness makes this an exciting time to invest in the electronic skateboard. Boosted, for example, have just secured investments of upwards of $60 billion to expand their research into other methods of personal transportation. You can read about it via Tech Crunch. InBoard Technology is another firm which has raised some $8 billion in funding in the last year’s round of funding. All these prominent figures add up to right now being an excellent time to invest in the electronic skateboard.

This YouTube video explores whether you should buy an electric skateboard now –

Or Should I Just Buy One…?

It is worth it to invest in an electronic skateboard even if you just want to try it out! Not only do they cut your gas budget down to size, but they are also perfect for daily transport to and from work, out to the shops or just down the street to a friend’s house. They make getting around easy, fast and comparatively safely – all while still giving you the thrill of a skateboard ride. The electronic skateboard is the natural next step for those who are Skaters at heart, but who still have to work 9-5 to pay the rent!

Perhaps best of all is that the electronic skateboard is bought, paid for, and doesn’t require ongoing maintenance and fuel costs. You charge it and go, much like with an electric car. Granted it doesn’t have the same luxury or comfort – but it does have a much lower price tag and is accessible to everyone.

Cut Your Gas Budget with an Electric Skateboard!

As well as cutting your gas budget, the electric skateboard is far more Eco-friendly than other methods of personal transport. They do not burn fossil fuels or depend on emissions to run. Provided that the energy source you use to charge it with is renewable produced electric energy then the electronic skateboard is arguably totally, 100% environmentally friendly in terms of emissions.

So, we know they are environmentally friendly, and that they cut your gas budget down to nothing if you use them for daily transport: but what other benefits are there to using an electric skateboard? We wanted to find out!

The Benefits of the Electric Skateboard

When it comes to making sure an item is worth it before you invest, it is always best to consider both the bad and the good of a purchase. What will you regret if you buy an electric skateboard? Not much! Some of the many benefits of the electric skateboard include:

  • They are faster than you would think, with some able to reach top speeds of 25 mph.
  • Gives some of the thrills of regular skateboarding – and brings it to your daily commute!
  • Improves your physical fitness level, increases balance and coordination.
  • No traffic, to queuing, no bus or train fare required!
  • An electric skateboard will save you money in the long run. It might seem pricey at first, but an electric skateboard is worth it in terms of the fares and gas you will save.
  • They are practical daily transportation for anyone who lives in a city – particularly if they love skateboarding.
  • They help you avoid rush hour no matter what other transport you might have taken.
  • They help you reconnect with family and friends as everyone fights for a shot!
  • Electric skateboards help grow your coordination skills.
  • Increased pain tolerance and flexibility as a result of skating!
  • Most importantly of all, they are seriously good fun and can help lower the stress caused by your day at work.
  • More benefits can be seen at

So, Are Electric Skateboards Worth It?

Absolutely! What is there not to like? With so many benefits and the ability to save you fuel costs, maintenance costs and all sorts of other taxes and fares; the electric skateboard will make back its initial price within the first year – or less, depending on whether or not you use it for daily transport.

Electric skateboards are also an excellent method of transport in terms of environmental awareness. In an age where everything produced needs to be sustainable, the electric skateboard stands out as a daily transport option that has the potential to solve rush hour!

We would recommend an electric skateboard to anyone who enjoyed boarding in their younger days, to anyone looking for a more fun alternative commute to brighten up their day and to any city workers who usually have to catch a tube, bus or train into work. They will save you both time spent waiting on public transportation and money spent on fares, and we call that a double bonus!

Where Can I Buy an Electric Skateboard?

You can buy an electric skateboard through our site at Eskateboardpark. We have a wide range of electric skateboards for you to compare, contrast and mull over. An electric skateboard is a worthwhile investment in the long run so don’t miss out, buy one for yourself before they take off and the prices skyrocket.

We think the electric skateboard can save you time, money and effort – as well as being a much-needed way to inject some good fun into our workday lives. So, what are you waiting for? Join the Eco-friendly revolution and start saving money today!

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