Why Learner Drivers Fail Their Car Driving Test

man driving a car

We have learned a lot in the last 13-14 years. Just in the UK, we had around 5 Ministers, who thought football would never come home then persuade ourselves that football would be coming home, left the EU, went from the iPhone basic to iPhone 11. Something has not changed in the last 14 years is “why learner drivers fail their car driving test”? 

A large number of learners have been doing more or less the same serious mistakes, over the last 15 years, according to TheSun. The question is what serious driving mistakes are they making? They can make less mistakes on the written exam by using a company like Zutobi Drivers Ed that will help them answer their state specific questions accurately. In this article we are going to reveal the most common major driving faults that learners commit on their car driving test: 


Pulling out safely at roundabouts and junctions requires good observation. A vast number of learners fail due to a lack of good observation before pulling out at the junctions and roundabouts. Learners need to have a good look before emerging. 

Not Checking Mirrors 

Checking mirrors regularly while driving is key to defensive and safe driving. They tell the driver what is behind and on the sides of the car and how they going to react. Unfortunately, the majority of learners don’t check them properly and even if they check them, they don’t respond to the traffic behind or sides of their car in good time. Especially when learners change lane or direction, they ignore the side mirrors and create a serious or dangerous situation that results in failing their driving test. 

Move Off Safely 

Moving off safely is one of the parts of a practical driving test where the examiner ensures that the learner moves off safely, under full control, and with due consideration for other traffic. Learners fail their driving test due to lack of all-round checks or roll backward especially at hill starts. 

Response to Roads Signs and Traffic Lights 

This is also of the major mistake learners do on their driving test. They don’t anticipate traffic lights or pay attention to the road signs which gives them information, warning, and orders. 

Meeting Traffic 

According to aDriving school and Dmvedu Traffic School, this is the common serious driving fault, learners do on their driving test when pass the parked cars on one or either sides of the road. Either they force the oncoming vehicles when they have right of way or drive too close to the parked vehicles. 

These reasons may be a little confusing for you but won’t be to the DVSA approved driving instructors. So, when you have your driving lesson, make sure you cover these areas with your driving instructor so do not fall into the same category as most of the learners. These are the important areas where the learner needs more practice and the best way to do this by having professional driving lessons with certified driving instructors. 

How Learners Can Prevent These Mistakes 

The answer is simple – avoid these mistakes but the fact is, this is not a simple answer. Understanding the reasons why learners fail the driving test is a piece of the puzzle. As a learner driver, ensure that you keep practicing on these areas of driving. Practicing is the secret to improve your driving skills. Some of the learner drivers may find the above-mentioned reasons easy and might be something, they feel less comfortable for example driving at an appropriate speed. 

Remember, doing driving mistakes are no problem, as long as you learn from them and avoid them for the next time. Getting hang of these key aspects and having enough driving lessons can make you a safe and defensive driver in the future. 

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