The Evolution of Minecraft

an image of gameplay in Minecraft

It’s hard to believe that even today, Minecraft is still one of the most popular games available. And what really tops it off, is that the Minecraft that we see today isn’t much different from how it was even 10 years ago.

The concept remains the same. Build a base out of blocks, collect materials and try to beat the end. Although throughout the years, major updates have added new content, or revamped some of the older stuff.

For example, the most recent update to Minecraft was the 1.16 Update, and saw a complete update to the Nether world. With it came new biomes, mobs and mechanics. That isn’t the only major update either, as just a few months before, a major update which focused on Villages was released. One of the big questions is, just how has Minecraft remained so popular?

The Modding Community

PC Players (and arguably console players through the use of data packs) have been able to access new content constantly. Thanks to a very motivated, but caring community, tens of thousands of mods have been created and uploaded for other users to download.

These might make small changes to the base game. But other content has seen entire packs created which bring the Pokémon Universe to Minecraft, or allow you to create a Jurassic Park styled world. There’s also been the release of graphical modifications, with the most popular being Shader packs. These enhance the shadows, lighting and textures, although Minecraft Shaders can be pesky to install.

Keeping it Simple

Minecraft is incredibly simple, and that’s the beauty of it. If you’re ever feeling bored or down, you know that you can open up the launcher and be in a new world which is ready to explore within the space of a minute.

Other video games just struggle to give you that feeling. When they do, they often feel clunky, and like the developers have included way too many mechanics or aspects to the game which just shouldn’t exist.

A lot of users tend to wonder whether Minecraft should see bigger updates, or whether we should even see a Minecraft 2. But for now, Minecraft is still perfect, even 10 years later.

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