Which Mechanical Keyboard Should I Buy According to Personality

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There have always been strong assumptions about the relationship between the item you own and its personality. A mechanical keyboard is not the exception. If your keyboard color is a cool tone, perhaps you’ve been told you must be a serious and calm person. Or, if your keyboard color is bright color hues, you may be predicted as an outgoing person. Many people wonder if there is any trick in choosing and asking which mechanical keyboard should I buy that perfectly demonstrates to myself.

Contemporary psychology comes with an accepted and reliable model describing the basic characteristics of conscientiousness, extroversion, and agreeableness. So, if you wonder which mechanical keyboard should I buy according to this personality? Read the article below and dig into the truth!

Which Mechanical Keyboard Should I Buy According to Personality

Extroversion Personality

If you are constantly down to try new things and prefer innovative, outside-the-box thinking, you probably have an extraversion personality. This kind of personality means that you dislike routine and have a wide variety of interests. Stylistically, people who have an extroverted personality can pick up the mechanical keyboard with the bright color tone or various colors demonstration. 

You might still think of which mechanical keyboard I should buy on the market. In that respect, Lofree Lipstick mechanical keyboard and Chocolate mechanical keyboard can be your excellent choice. Lofree Lipstick mechanical keyboard comes with seventy-nine different colors of keycaps. These bright colors and loud, catchy designs definitely resonate with you as they show that you are bold and confident.

Besides the Lipstick mechanical keyboard, that is another yummy one! The Lofree chocolate mechanical keyboard is another representative of innovation keyboard design as its reverse tradition combines the ideas of chocolate and keyboard design ideas and actually knocks things out. Without any doubt, it will become the best list of “which mechanical keyboard should I buy.”

Conscientiousness Personality

If you keep an organized Schedule, finish your work on time and keep everything in order, you have a high level of conscientiousness, which means you are a reliable person who follows the rules. The people who own a conscientious personality usually lean into tidy and simple pieces and prefer “directional” fashion than the innovative one. If you are, the Lofree black& gold collection of a mechanical keyboard and the knight collection should be your priority.

The use of single and classic color is simple. Still, when a mechanical keyboard embraces two complementary hues destined to sit side by side, like black and gold, the aesthetic impact is accelerated to the next level. Lofree black & gold collection of a mechanical keyboard is specially designed based on the black & golden color, which is the most timeless, versatile, and luxurious hues. 

In addition to the black and gold collection, the Lofree knight collection is the perfect choice for you as its appearance is classic and tidy. This metallic mechanical keyboard features cold textures, which is the perfect demonstration of neat charm and maturity. It is a must-have mechanical product for every successful person.

Agreeableness Personality

The persons who have an agreeableness personality are usually friendly, cooperative, and compassionate. They tend to be modest and humble as well. An agreeable person prefers soft shades, pastels colors more, such as beige, khaki, or camel.

If you have an agreeable personality, you probably will have the answer about “which mechanical keyboard should I buy.” That is Lofree’ s four seasons collection mechanical keyboard. Lofree four seasons mechanical keyboard welcomes nature with four different mechanical keyboard colors. Each of them has soft color tones. It comes in white (for spring), blue (for summer), grey (for autumn), and black (for winter). It is humble, friendly color hues, brings us a sense of comfort during our work or daily. But still, it gives out the charm of the soft kind. This way, Lofree four seasons collection mechanical keyboard also perfectly demonstrates your style.

Now that there are many mechanical keyboard choices available on the market asking yourself, “which mechanical keyboard should I buy” stop hesitating to take the shot. Lofree comes in different colors, choices and beautiful designs, and it has the trendiest mechanical keyboard on the market. In this case, Lofree should be your priority.

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