What is a Company Registered Office Address & Why is it Required?

Company Registered Office Address

If you are registering a limited liability company in the UK, it is mandatory to provide an address for your company. This is in accordance with Section 86 of the Companies Act, 2006.

The registered office of your company is an official address where official communication with the directors of a company can be sent via mail, according to this publication. It is also important that the address you provide as the official location for your business is valid and located in the UK, because all forms of communication forwarded to the address is assumed to be delivered and received by the directors of your company.

In the event of a legal issue, you will not be able to claim that you have not received the legal notices, or official communication from the concerned parties if there is a registered address linked to your company.

After successfully registering your limited liability company with Companies House, the address you have provided for your company will be displayed publicly. This means that anyone in the public who wishes to communicate with your staff or use the services you offer will rely on the address published as your registered business location.

However, the business industry is changing. More people are finding ways to adopt a remote working system that is effective and inexpensive. In such cases, the entrepreneurs who are expanding a business or start-ups in the UK may want to avoid the huge costs of renting an office space, which will be used as a company address.

The costs of maintaining an office space just because you need a registered address will be expensive. These expenses can be avoided when you use the services of a company who can offer you a registered address.

A Certified Location For Your Virtual Business

You can focus on growing your business without worrying about missing notifications or documents sent to your company.

Examples of documents that may be sent to a registered company address include legal notices, bills, reminders, and other types of formal documents.

Benefits of This Service

The registered location you choose to use will be entered as the company office address, where all notifications and documents for the company will be sent. Business owners can display an address that indicates their business operates from a upmarket location in the UK to improve their standing in the business community.

You can meet the legal requirement that all businesses must have a registered address in the UK without spending a fortune. All documents received on your behalf will be forwarded to any address you choose worldwide. So, get started today and build a virtual office in London with a physical address where all documents and communication for your business can be sent. For more information, check out https://www.yourcompanyformations.co.uk/address/registered-office/.

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