5 Signs That a Sinkhole May Appear

sink hole repair

Sinkholes can be dangerous when they happen where people live. Sinkholes may happen suddenly, but there are always signs that a sinkhole was forming before the sinkhole appears more visibly.

Sinkholes are sudden depressions in the ground, causing a big hole that varies in size. Sinkholes happen in areas prone to underground cavities. It is caused by erosion that happens beneath the earth’s surface, mostly due to acidic rainwater. Fortunately, there are ways to repair sinkholes, but it is best to spot signs and act quickly before a sinkhole appears.

Here are the signs that indicate a sinkhole may appear in or around a residential building…

Cracks in the Foundation

If you observe cracks in the foundation of a building, it is possible that a sinkhole may appear, according to UFL. The cracks in a foundation are signs of stress. If you notice these signs, a structural engineer should be contacted quickly to assess the situation before more damage occurs.

Faulty Windows and Doors

The on-going erosion beneath a building can alter the foundation and structure of the building, causing a slight or prominent displacement of the windows or doors in the building. Consequently, the doors and windows will not open or shut properly. These signs should be professionally assessed to avoid disaster.

Distortion in the Concrete Around a Residence

Sinkholes are formed over time, beneath the earth’s surface. The erosion happening underneath can cause depression in the concrete around a residence. On the other hand, some areas on the concrete may appear to be raised higher than other areas.

These are signs that something is going on beneath the concrete, and it has to be quickly checked by an experienced engineer.

Collection of Water in the Basement

It is abnormal for water to collect in your basement. If you observe a pool of water in the basement, when there is no leak in the plumbing system, it is a sign that something is not right beneath the surface.

Uneven Ground Floor

The formation of a sinkhole beneath the foundation of a building can cause distortion in the level of the ground floor. Some areas will appear to be raised while other parts of the floor may show signs of depression.

A Sudden Drop in Water Level

If you observe a sudden drop in the water level in your area, that is not a good sign. This can be caused by a huge cavity waiting to decompress beneath the ground.

The signs discussed above are abnormal structural defects that should be quickly investigated to prevent injury if a sinkhole suddenly appears. If you see any signs of a sinkhole, make sure you contact a Geotech specialist today. Geotech specialists use innovative tools and technology to repair sinkholes after a professional assessment is done. The process may involve permeation grouting, mud jacking, creating micro-piles, or Vibro compaction sand columns to prevent or repair sinkholes. For more information, check out https://www.heliconusa.com/.

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