Tips for Choosing a Debt Collection Company in the UK

hoosing a Debt Collection Company in the UK

One of the situations an entrepreneur must avoid is mounting unsustainable debts. It is difficult to completely avoid offering credit to customers, especially in industries where the competition is able to offer this. Many entrepreneurs find it difficult to make their clients pay what they owe after receiving credit.

There is a solution, in the UK, you can hire the services of a debt collector to recover the money you are being owed.

Debt recovery should be done right to preserve the relationship with a client. Sadly, without the help of debt collectors, your client may ignore the need to pay, which can adversely affect your business.

More companies in the UK have been using the services of debt collectors to recover debt successfully. If you require such a service, we have some helpful tips you can follow in choosing a good debt company.

Debt collectors, such as, can work with clients in different industries, such as the financial sector, oil, and gas, or manufacturing. Some debt collection companies work on a commission basis, so they only get paid when they are successful in recovering money that you are due.

You can also find debt collection companies that buy the debt from you. These companies will pay you an agreed amount owed and go after the debtor themselves, who will be made to pay more than what they owe.

Here are tips to help you make a good choice when deciding on which debt collection company to hire…


You can get better results when you use a debt collector that has been in the business for a long time. Such debt collection companies have ‘seen it all’, and your case will more likely result in success as a result.

Get References

Good debt collectors should be able to provide the contact details of their past clients who can confirm that they are good at what they do. References will help you feel more confident in proceeding to use their services.

The Agreement

You should agree with the debt collection company that they will only get a commission if the money is recovered. This is an agreement in your favor. It will motivate the debt collectors to do all that is necessary to recover the debt owed to your company. Most Debt Recovery companies will only charge a small instruction fee, according to All they need is the details of the transaction that went wrong and they will be able to proceed with the debt recovery task.

Please Read the Terms and Conditions

Before signing an agreement, you must read and understand the terms and conditions as stated in the contract drawn by your debt collection company. This will avoid any problems in the future.

It is important to note that using the services of a debt collection company can end your relationship with the client. But, you are better off without a client who is not willing to pay you.

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