How Blockchain Can Allow You To Build a Million Dollar Art Equity in Just 12 Months?

Blockchain Can Allow You To Build a Million Dollar Art Equity

A lot of artists & painters, especially the ones that produce offbeat art, feel walled off from the global art community. That’s because their work is often too “different” to be accepted into conventional art galleries and auctions. And when they can’t make money out of following their inert passion, they lose their muse and abandon their art.

These artists know that someone out there will share their passion and understand the meaning of their work just like they do, but often there was no platform available that could match these artists with their target audiences. However, even if they were to build such a platform, how could they ensure that their work retained a stamp of authenticity that was incorruptible by all means?

These obstacles have made many, incredibly talented artists sink to the bottom in the recent past, but the rise of Blockchain has ensured that not even one such talent goes unappreciated.

Most of us know Blockchain as the concept behind Bitcoin, the highly popular crypto currency, but what people fail to realize is that Blockchain is a revolutionary invention with applications that reach far beyond just generating decentralized ledgers for digital currencies.

Blockchain can be used to create art that retains its originality and signature of the owner in a manner that wasn’t possible previously. But even if an artist wants to use Blockchain to realize his dreams of showcasing his masterpieces to the world, just how much scope does this value proposition contain?

Well, using Blockchain, you can create an art equity worth more than million dollars in just 12 months.

Don’t believe it to be true? Well, Franky Aguilar is already in the process of doing just that. Through generating a unique “Certificate of Authenticity” via Blockchain for each artwork that he creates and hosting it on a platform that supports such a concept i.e. KnownOrigin, Franky aims to create an art equity worth exactly that sum by 2020.

To give some background, Franky Aguilar is a world renowned app developer who has created apps that have generated hundreds of thousands of downloads for some of the top brands and influencers in the world. But he is not just an ordinary app developer as his evident by looking at his body of work till now.

At his base, Franky Aguilar is an artist with a unique, off beat perspective on things but his most captivating talent lies in synthesizing his art with digital forms to give them a new meaning.

And this is what exactly led him to being drawn to Blockchain as he believed that its underlying concept of generating authenticity that couldn’t be tampered with, was something so powerful that it could help him push his art to reach newer horizons.

During his foray into this field, he soon found an art platform that was offering exactly what he was looking for i.e. KnownOrigin, which is an art marketplace that allows authenticated digital ownership of artwork through Blockchain.

Franky Aguilar hosted some of his work on the platform in 2017 just out of pure intrigue and found himself generating a good enough passive income through it to make the idea of continuing with this in the long term highly plausible.

He returned to the platform this year and started to build his own art equity through it, but this time, he came with a top notch process that budding artists need to definitely learn to replicate if they too want to emulate his success.

Franky Aguilar first starts of the creation process by painting a unique artwork on his own, however he record all of his efforts in the form of a time lapse video. This video then find its way on social sites like YouTube, allowing Franky to have a powerful proof of work, even before Blockchain comes into play in the scheme of things.

His completed artwork is then put up on his website for sale, but this time, along with the unique SFX number, the artwork is accompanied by a “Certificate of Authenticity” created through Blockchain based technologies.

Once this is in his hands, he writes the TX Hash number from it onto his canvas and hosts it on KnownOrigin. The platform then handles transactions that transfer digital ownership to willing collectors in the form of this verifiable certificate.

Each of his work is valued between 100-250 ETH, and considering the fact that he aims to create 50 such pieces in the next 12 months, Franky Aguilar looks all set to realize the incredible proposition of owning an authentic art collection worth more than a million dollars by 2020.

This model is so powerful that if budding artists put it to use, they will manage to build monetarily valuable art equities of their own without relinquishing control of their art at any step of the process.



Ashley Macdonald
Ashley has recently joined the FeedsPortal content writing team and brings with her a wealth of journalistic experience, which we believe our readers will find extremely useful.

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