The Starflex PRO

If you are looking for a trampoline to allow your toddlers to have fun while staying safe outside the house, you don’t have to look any further. Starflex Pro from combines 2 revolutionary patented technologies and 3 unique security systems. This makes it the safest on the French market. Indeed, the majority of trampolines on the market today, despite their enhanced safety system, even put your children at risk. Some have nets that quickly extend between conventional straight posts, exposing even more risk, while others have external nets that present even more danger to toddlers. Starflex Pro has been specially designed to limit any accident.

The Strengths of Starflex Pro

On the trampoline market, you can find all kinds of equipment at very discount prices that do not guarantee the safety of your children once on it. Starflex Pro has been designed with special materials to give maximum comfort and ease to users. It has a patented steel crown to prevent the posts from moving during use. The nets will be better held and will last over time.

Unlike standard trampolines, the jumping mat and net are fused on the Starflex Pro to provide more comfort and minimize accidents. There is therefore no access to the spring area or the frame for added safety.

On conventional equipment, connector soldering can also crack after many bounces. On the Starflex Pro, you will find patented 6-in-1 solderless connectors with no cracks for quick disassembly.

On the pole side, although they are covered with damping foams, it is likely that children are still at risk. With Starflex Pro, the latter are minimal, as the nets will be kept at a distance.

The Other Advantages of Starflex Pro

In general, the trampoline poles you find on the market are only fixed with two screws that pass through the frame. They are therefore not, unlike the Starflex Pro, removable. With a quick release system at the net, it can be dismantled in a few minutes with great ease without the need for any tools. Exposed to strong winds, the trampoline can, indeed, cause quite a bit of damage in the surroundings.

The Starflex Pro is also equipped with four feet offering more stability and resistance, always in order to offer better safety to your children. This ensures that you have more secure equipment on the top frame and a wide base at the feet. As for the safety net, it is not likely to come loose easily. It consists of two nylon strips that will prevent any tearing.

For more advice on what trampoline to buy, check out Which.



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