Hope Now Is Giving Orphans Hope

Img Source - BBC

There are lots of ways to support the needs of people in Ukraine, and help them through their suffering. Perhaps one of the best ways is to provide assistance for the many orphans there.

Hope Now is a Christian organization that cares for orphans in Ukraine, helping them with basic needs, like shelter, food, and an education that these kids would not receive otherwise. They also provide the children with access to medical services, and keep up with the clothing needs as best as they can. The orphans in these facilities are assigned mentors who help them to choose career paths, deal with their problems, and guide them in the place of parents. The hope is that one day these kids will each find a place to stay, with a loving family who can provide for their needs even better than the organization does.

Hope Now cannot do what it does without the assistance of donations from charitable people around the world. They depend on charitable giving to keep the orphans and staff supplied with essentials for day-to-day life inside Ukraine, and they need support to ensure the buildings are kept in good condition and are safe and comfortable for the kids to live in.

If you want to do your part to help these kids, you can sponsor an orphan in Ukraine through the Hope Now organization. You can feel good about where your donations go with this program, since only $2 of a $25 monthly gift goes towards administrative costs. The rest is sent directly to help the children and the people who are immediately involved in caring for them.

You won’t be helping them blindly, though, and you won’t be left out of their lives. Once you start to donate, Hope Now establishes a connection between you and the children you are helping. You can write each other letters, and you will receive pictures of the kids your donation goes to as well. This simple, faithful donation can be very meaningful for the children, making a huge impact on their lives and ensuring that they get the care and resources they need.

In war-torn Ukraine, life can be very difficult, but organizations like these are making a difference in people’s lives and giving them hope and showing them compassion. You can participate in helping Ukrainian children, specifically those who have no parents to care for them. You can be involved in their lives and see them get an education and experience peace and love with your gift of sponsorship. Instead of worrying about the poor and needy children in Ukraine, you can play a part in giving them better lives and hope for the future.

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