Taxes Made Easy with Software: The Review for Amazon Sellers

Today we are talking about taxation for e-commerce merchants. Depending on your country and legislation, you will need to file this or that type of tax report. The procedure is just inevitable and awaits for every profitable Amazon seller once a month, quarter, or year. Of course, one natural way of solving the problem is hiring a professional accountant who makes steady money from filing papers and sending them to IRS. We know that many people follow this route and then complain about the costly services and financial burdens. On the contrary, smarter merchants choose to rely on the specifically tuned tax management software for the Amazon marketplace-related businesses. Software is normally cheaper than a human service, being therefore a nice opportunity to save some money and invest them into a more interesting and profitable endeavor.

Do You Know About Avalara, a Tax Compliance Software?

Avalara is famous for being outstandingly straightforward to understand and very quick to use. You input numbers and figures getting a tax report as an output. That’s it! If you worry about correctness, it is possible to perform a manual verification by asking live accountants who support the software. This will ensure that all possible regional regulations and tricks have been accounted for. Avalara is strong in preparing documents for all frequently required reports. You are not alone in the world of e-commerce and many procedures are common for all people in this field.

The developers orient to online merchants trading at different global platforms. That is why the software output meets all requirements and reflects all common e-commerce nuances. We do suggest that you give it a try. Prices of Avalara starting from 50 USD per year are affordable for most sellers. If you are a new user, you will be offered fifteen months of customer support instead of 12 months. There are other ways to save money with Avalara. We suggest that you stay tuned and monitor current promotion on the official website.

Taxjar is an Easy and Reputable Tool for Amazon sellers  

You just need to synchronize your Amazon seller account with Taxjar and a lot of things will be done automatically, without any participation of the user. Next, you add relevant information and let the software to finish tax reporting. The online tool knows the legislation in different states and it never forgets about deadlines. It knows product tax codes, therefore you do not need to have a hassle with choosing the right numbers. Save time and money with Taxjar. If some of your online trading platforms happen to be unsupported by the software, you can supply tax-related data as the CSV file. 

Based on the official information, market leaders routinely use Taxjar. You are more than welcome to follow their choice. Furthermore, the plan for beginners is as cheap as 19 USD per month. The Professional Plan at 99 USD provides a plethora of additional features that pretend to make your user experience totally carefree.

SimplyVAT is for Europeans

If you sell for Europe, working with 27 different legislation systems may be complicated. SimplyVAT is a tool that has been created to support your efforts. It will perform a VAT related verification for you to understand whether to pay VAT or not in every case. This is important and far not evident without in-depth investigation.

For the residents of Canada, Australia, and some other countries, it is also important to correctly calculate VAT. SimplyVAT is intelligent enough to know about current regulation, so you can rest assured that everything will be prepared, filed, and sent where needed on-time.

The program team tries to be proactive and friendly to small businesses. The price depends on your inventory and specific selling record. The best way to get a quote is to give them a call and ask for an accurate price. If you prefer everything in the box from the SimplyVAT experts, it will cost 470 USD.

Be as Flexible as Possible with Taxify by Sovos

This software has also been developed primarily for the Amazon sellers. It can be very flexible depending on your tax filing expectations and necessities. Otherwise, you can make use of the default options to automate the process and file everything in minutes. Of course, Taxify by Sovos is a very competitive alternative for a professional tax account in your team.

You can file taxes the way you like in any jurisdiction. The program does know them all (in total, more than sixty countries), so there is no need to perform your independent investigation of what might have changed during the recent months. Just concentrate on your business and let the online tool to do its job. 

Taxify by Sovos is quite popular, as many big companies opted to use it. Prices are relatively high (97 USD for the “Standard” plan, 247 USD for the premium users per month). As a newcomer, you are welcomed with a 30-day trial that costs nothing.

A2X Accounting is a Top Option for Amazon Salespersons

This software is versatile and powerful. It arms you with hundreds of magnificent capabilities and enables you to file your taxes quickly and with minimum problems. We particularly admire options that are dedicated to e-commerce persons. A2X cares about everything on Shopify and Amazon to be processed perfectly. You do not have much to do with your hands. However, there is the “Expert mode” if you prefer to check things yourselves and ensure that your file is in good order. A2X Accounting can be combined with Xero and Quickbooks that report your data to tax authorities.

Prices for this tax preparation assistant are accompanied by several interesting deals that suit nearly everyone. For instance, you can save 50% in some cases if you work through Shopify. The General “Mini “plan is affordable for small businesses at 19 USD monthly. If you would like an extended service, look at the Professional Plan. Before paying money, there is a free trial for every plan. Just never be shy to test performance and functionalities properly.

And a Little More

I also strongly recommend to use Repricer.Online for each amazon seller. It spies on your competitors’ listings and modifies your prices in real-time to be a little bit better day and night. Using simple and robust constants, you instruct the program what to do and when.

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