Safety Tips to Plan Events Post Covid-19

Businesses are slowly restarting to open up again after months of lockdown because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The government has presented general guidelines for business owners to follow to help them kick-start their businesses. We have outlined below some helpful tips for event planners to follow to ensure safety is maintained at all times when running your events while a vaccine is still to be found.

The main concern should be the safety of the guests at events that you run. You can establish protocols to ensure that your events are safely coordinated. The virus is still out there, and it is crucial that all the guests at your event are protected.

Convincing your clients that you can safely organize events in the post Covid-19 era will help boost your business.

Here are my best tips for event planners who are thinking about accepting orders for upcoming events…

Train Your Team

There is work to be done regarding staff training. Events cannot be planned the normal way anymore until a vaccine is created. Some areas of focus during staff training include how to use thermal scanners, seating arrangements for social distancing, and how to assist guests while staying safe.

Make Plans for Outdoor Events

This is the best time to take advantage of the outdoors for your events. Thankfully, we are heading towards summer, so the weather will hopefully be better. Scientists say that there are lower risks of infection when we are meeting together outdoors, compared to staying in an enclosed space.

Set Up Thermal Screening Points at the Entrance

All guests at your event should be screened with thermal monitors before they enter the event area. Thermal screening is done to identify guests who have alarmingly high body temperatures, which may indicate that they have a fever, which is a symptom of Covid-19. Guests whose body temperature is higher than normal should be taken aside for further investigation.

Make Plans for Social Distancing

You should organize events that follow a social distancing structure, even if you are planning your event outdoors. To get this right, make sure the chairs and tables are spaced out, six feet apart, to avoid close contact.

Set Up Screens For Your Event

Considering that people will sit far apart from each other, the event area will be larger. This means that some guests may be too far away from the event hosts or speakers. Strategically positioning TV screens around the event area is the best way to ensure that every guest can see what is happening during the event.

Film the Event & Livestream

Always encourage your clients to keep vulnerable people at home if possible. You may wish to make plans for live streaming of the event to be made available, so vulnerable people can view the event online in the comfort of their own homes. This is why it may be a good idea to make use of a professional videographer who specializes in event videography. FilmFolk in London offer a UK nationwide event videography and photography service from just £99, so they are certainly worth checking out.

Introduce Self-Service at Events

Self-service buffet and bar arrangements should be the norm when you are hosting events. This means that your guests will serve food and drinks by themselves while adhering to social distancing protocols.

Things will be done differently in the event planning industry, and I am sure we will all adjust quickly. However, it is my hope that the new strategies are temporary, and a vaccine will be developed soon, so things can go back to normal.

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James Williams
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