5 Interview Questions to Ask When Hiring Content Writers

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Around 70% of companies are investing in content marketing. Asking these interview questions to potential content writers will ensure you get your money’s worth.

Online articles have an average word count of 1,236 words per article. It takes a good writer to win over an audience. The right hire will generate more sales and leads than you ever thought possible.

You’ve worked hard on your business. Hiring a great content writer will do wonders for your brand image, which means more money for you.

Here are 5 questions you should ask any candidate for a content writer position:

1. Experience

Always ask questions about a candidate’s content writing experience. This includes their experience working with similar brands and content.

Use numbers when you’re asking how much experience a candidate has. For instance, a good question would be, “How many years have you been writing content for?”

Ask if they have any experience working in your field. Make sure they mention specific company names and describe the duties they fulfilled.

Play it safe by hiring a content writer through the aforementioned link. It’ll help you connect with a truly experienced writer.

2. Copy vs. Content

A good writer knows the difference between copy and content. After all, both have different goals in mind.

Copy is writing that serves a marketing purpose. Anything that’s written to sell or promote something counts as copy.

Content, however, is more informative and general. It provides useful information and value to readers, boosting brand awareness and authority as a result.

3. Devising a Content Strategy

Competent writers know how to create a content strategy. A digital content strategy involves planning, developing, and managing content.

Always ask your candidates, “What is a brief summary of your content strategy?” It’ll help you gauge their personal process and knowledge of SEO.

Their strategy should include using keywords with high search volumes and long-tail keywords (keywords with 3 or more words). You’ll learn more about the following:

4. Research Habits

A writer’s research habits can make or break their content. The writer you hire must know how to distinguish credible sources of information from not-so-reliable ones.

Use these questions to gain more insight: “How do you find information and sources for your work? How do you research the audiences you’re trying to appeal to?”

It’s great if a writer consults experts for data and information. It’s even better if they read conversations on social media to see what kind of content is in demand. Speaking of social media:

5. Social Media Skills

The best content writers have a lot of experience with social media content writing. Social media content is shorter and more visual, but it packs a powerful punch.

Take the direct route by asking, “What are some of your greatest social media accomplishments?”

Good candidates will name a noteworthy post they’re especially proud of. It’s a bonus if a notable branded account retweeted/shared their post.

These Interview Questions Have Your Back

About 61% of marketers publish content multiple times per week. Along with these interview questions, don’t forget to ask if they’ve ever managed a content calendar before.

Being consistent increases repeat traffic and authority. Repeat traffic often turns into leads, so keep going!

Benefit your brand⁠—read more of our business articles. They’ll give you the knowledge that makes you successful before you even schedule an interview.



Ashley Macdonald
Ashley has recently joined the FeedsPortal content writing team and brings with her a wealth of journalistic experience, which we believe our readers will find extremely useful.

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