Safety and Convenience: What a KNX Smart Door Lock Gateway Can Offer?

smart door lock

What is a Smart Door Lock?

A keyless smart door lock represents a revolutionary door lock that uses digital electromechanical technology to protect your home or business location, according to The main purpose of this device is to provide easy access through doors, without the need for conventional keys. Hence, you will never have to worry about misplacing your keys or losing them, as you will benefit from a smart digital lock. 

Everything is evolving and transforming nowadays, which is why it is no wonder that during the recent time preference for installing smart door locks appeared. Also, this type of lock comes with several benefits related to both security and convenience. We recommend a smart door lock gateway because of the following traits that make it safe and convenient for users, and the best door lock on the market.

#1 No Need for Carrying Around a Keychain

Well, the era in which we struggled to carry around a keychain full of dangling keys has somehow ended. The entire idea of a smart lock is to add convenience to your life. Depending on the type of smart door lock you choose, you can benefit from extra features such as remote access or voice control.

#2 A Smart Door Lock Will Make a Great First Impression

We cannot skip the aesthetic part of this device. Its design is rather stylish, making it a must-have for any home that wants to keep up with trends. There are available distinct smart lock designs from which you can choose, ranging from a traditional look to a more modern one.

#3 Boost Your Place’s Security

The main advantage of switching to a smart door lock is, as we already mentioned, the additional security provided. They eliminate the risk of someone swiping the key from underneath the doormat or even your bag. Moreover, you can even set your smart door lock to automatically lock the door after a specific period or when your device has left the area. 

#4 Smart Door Locks are Easy to Install

Another great aspect of a smart door lock is that they do not require a complicated installation process. Similar to regular locks, they can be installed quickly and with no extra damage to your door.

Why Choose GVS KNX Wireless Smart Door Lock Gateway

If you are wondering what type of smart door lock to choose, we strongly encourage you to try the model distributed by GVS. The KNX Wireless Smart Door Lock Gateway from GVS comes with a variety of features and benefits, including a multifunction actuator, making it perfect for providing an extra layer of security to any residential house or commercial space. As we know, KNX is the only open international standard in the field of home and building control. The KNX standard has been approved as the European standard (CENELECEN50090 & CENEN13321-1), the international standard (ISO/IEC14543-3) American standard (ANSI/ASHRAE135) and the Chinese standard (GB/Z20965).

The top features that recommend the KNX wireless smart door lock gateway from GVS, include:

  • A series of warning alarms for the user, such as the system locked, door unlock or low battery mode;
  • The possibility to query battery power by bus;
  • 16 scenes function;
  • Door unlock/ lock by bus;
  • The possibility to query the exact number to unlocks via bus;
  • The possibility to modify data and time via bus;
  • The option to enter/exit pairing mode via bus;
  • The option to select between unlocking single channel or all channel associated locks via bus;
  • Access to a report of the number of associated locks.

GVS is one of the first integrated enterprises in the field of intelligent security and smart building, having its research, development and manufacturing departments. Their expertise in the field and experience in creating innovative ways to secure all types of spaces is what recommends them as the best in the field. If you are looking to secure your home with a smart device, the GVS KNX wireless smart door lock getaway (see here) is the go-to option due to the innovative technology used in its design, along with the qualitative and durable materials that ensure your space is protected by an extra layer of security.

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