Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Tube Packaging – One Thing You Cannot Miss

eco-friendly tubes

It is an undeniable fact that the cosmetic industry is growing rapidly, so do the production and demand for cosmetic packaging. However, as an increasing number of purchasing agents embrace the eco-friendly and energy-saving philosophy, eco-friendly cosmetic packaging, available here, gains the highest popularity in cosmetic packaging around the world.

Learn About Cosmetic Packaging

As fashionable consumer goods, cosmetics need high-quality packaging materials to enhance their value. At present, almost all kinds of materials are used in cosmetics packaging. Among them, glass, plastic and metal are the primary materials. Plastic is widely used because of its durability, relatively low price and lightweight. While glass presents people with a sense of noble and high-class, it is suitable for the packaging of perfume bottles. Therefore, glass is also the main material for cosmetic packaging. Metal combines some advantages of plastic and glass, and it can be printed with a variety of different patterns according to manufacturers’ own needs. Most cleansers have plastic tube packaging, shampoos are wrapped in a plastic columnar shape, and cosmetics and skincare products are usually packed in glass bottles, plastic tubes or plastic boxes.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging Has Gradually Become a Consensus

When it comes to purchasing cosmetics, we will pay attention to the functions, customer reviews, and even cosmetic packaging. In 2018, Mintel, a well-known global market research company, announced five global packaging trends that are going to affect the world in the coming years: eco-friendly packaging, electronic packaging, and clean label 2.0, protection of marine and modern packaging. Among them, eco-friendly cosmetic packaging has gradually become a consensus, which will play an essential role in fighting for resource wastes.

As a matter of fact, non-degradable cosmetic packaging brings long-term and severe environmental problems to the earth. First of all, non-degradable packaging mixed with domestic waste is difficult to deal with. And they are difficult to be recycled because of the lack of quality assurance. What is more, non-degradable cosmetic packaging in the soil will influence the absorption of nutrients and water, which will lead to a reduction of the crop yield. And if a harmful cosmetic packaging was thrown into the oceans, it may be swallowed as food by animals and even cause death to animals. In fact, this kind of situation usually happens in zoos, pastures and oceans.

As a result, more and more cosmetic brands or packaging manufacturers choose the eco-friendly cosmetic packaging. We list three companies for you as follows.


P&G shampoo bottles contain recycled beach plastic up to 25%, says MyNewsDesk. In this month, P&G announces that it is building a plastic recycling plant with a total investment of nearly 120 million dollars, to change the recycling status of polypropylene and devote itself to producing regenerated resins. Besides, P&G plans to adopt recyclable capsule supplements in the packaging of its skincare brand OLAY to reduce the amount of plastic.


With more than 15-year experience, Auber now specializes in producing cosmetic tube packaging with environmentally friendly materials. Its tubes are used in cosmetics, skincare, haircare, pharmaceutical, food, chemicals, medicine, industrial use, etc. This company focuses on quality control by strictly following the ISO 9001:2015 standard. One of its products named Bamboo Cap  attracts many customers’ attention. The inside and outside layer of this cap can be customized in different colors. And this glossy and beautiful cap is made of bamboo, which is eco-friendly, durable and easy to recycle and reuse. With a suitable thread, it can not only seal the cosmetic in the round tube well, but also prevent contamination.

Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder (official site) always sticks to the environmentally friendly goal. It used to launch a recycling campaign: consumers can get cosmetic samples with a certain number of empty bottles or cosmetic tube packaging (unlimited brands). And then Estee Lauder will collect them for re-use. Besides, the carton packaging of Origins from Estee Lauder is made of eco-friendly paper certified by the Forest Management Committee (FSC), which contains about 50% recycled fibers. This kind of paper can achieve a high rate of recycling.

Gone are the days when cosmetic packaging was associated to the materials that bring pollution to the environment. If you want to try an eco-friendly cosmetic packaging, you can choose Bamboo Cap from Auber.

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