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Recently, I received a PDF file from my colleague. But there are only a few pages related to my job, and I have to spend time finding them out every time I open the PDF file, which makes me very troubled. Due to the stability of PDF, I need a specific PDF tool to help me remove pages that I don’t need. Fortunately, I found a tool that works well for me, and I hope I can help you as well.

I looked for these PDF solutions from Google and accidentally entered EasePDF. I was instantly attracted by this nice user-interface. More importantly, it’s totally free to use. There are some common PDF tools on the homepage, and the rest can be found through the menu bar at the top. And you can also see some amazing features of EasePDF, such as versatility, security, simplicity and practicality, which makes me feel exciting using it. I found Delete PDF in the upper menu bar and I decided to give it a try.

Below is a brief introduction on how to remove pages with EasePDF Delete PDF. If you still have question, you may get more details from How to Remove Pages from A PDF.

How to Use Delete PDF in EasePDF?

EasePDF‘s homepage only shows 15 PDF tools that we usually use, but this is only part of it. You can get more tools through the menu bar above, such as Delete PDF that I need. Then click and go to the corresponding page.


Since EasePDF has integrated several cloud storing platforms, which means that I can not only upload files from my local computer, but also upload and download files from my cloud account, which is very convenient.

At the same time, I learned from the homepage and its Privacy Policy that all my uploaded files and my personal information will be automatically deleted within 24 hours after the task is completed, so I don’t need to worry about security.

It should be noted that some tools can only process one file at a time., such as Delete PDF, Rotate PDF, Edit PDF, and so on. After uploading the file, you will see all the pages in this PDF file. I was also surprised that in addition to removing pages, you can also adjust your pages by rotating and zooming in, which eliminates the need to use Rotate PDF later. Back to the point, how do I delete a page? Move your mouse over the page and a large trash can icon will appear. You only need to click it to remove this page. But one shortage is that there is no undo tool for this function, so you need to do it carefully, otherwise you have to upload the file again.

If your file is too large with hundreds of pages, it will take time to remove those pages one by one. In this case, you just need to remember which pages you want to remove, and then pull down, you will see an input box, fill in the page numbers or the interval that need to be deleted, you can quickly remove the pages.

Moreover, after you confirmed the manipulation, you will soon to download the file. EasePDF will also create a sharing link for you to share the file with others by copying and pasting the URL link. You should learn that the link will be invalid in 24 hours, too. Finally, you are allowed to send the file to others or receive the PDF file via email.



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