NPS Tool – 4 Features You Must Have in NPS Software

Monitoring your business performance is essential for your growth. This should be done as often as you can so that you don’t get overtaken by other issues and neglect this very important exercise. To make this an easy task for you, there are tools such as the NPS Software, which will help you assess the Net Promoter Score of your brand, assess business data and identify areas that need improvement.

With NPS, you can gauge customer loyalty and quantify their likelihood to recommend your brand to other customers. A high NPS score is a sign of satisfied customers that are happy with the experience they have had with your products and/or services. As they share their good experience with colleagues and family, your business will continue to grow in terms of client base and revenue as well. 

4 Key Features to Have in your NPS Software 

Measuring customer experience and their general feel about your business and products should be as accurate as possible to help you take the right actions. An NPS survey will help you do that since it can help you real-time customer feedback. If your business has a high NPS, your revenue will keep raising and you may not spend more in advertising it. 

Customers will most likely repeat purchase with a good NPS for your business. They will even be patient with you in case of any issues because they are confident they will be resolved amicably. Most importantly, they will come looking for other items and even recommend others to visit you for business. To access this information from your customers, what will you be looking for in NPS software? Here are 4 features to look out for: 

  1. Flexibility in Use

Online survey campaigns should be flexible enough to capture different and complex scenarios. Therefore, the NPS tool should offer such flexibility to allow simultaneous or multiple campaigns as may be required. This is especially where there are various desired goals to be met. 

There should be thorough notification management tools to help the user get quality results from the effective feedback loop. The effectiveness of the tool should be in how it helps in performing parallel campaigns to make passives and detractors brand promoters. 

With the NPS tool, you should be able to optimize the survey URL and permit users to do the survey in a language of their choice. These diversified options will enhance your reach and better response. Most importantly, it should be easily customized to meet specific brand guidelines and appreciate respondents. 

  1. Easy to Integrate 

The marketplace is constantly changing and the last thing you want to do is to keep changing your survey tool. For that reason, your NPS tool should offer seamless integration. It should evolve alongside your company’s growth. That means you won’t have to change it should your company grow to necessitate capturing other important details to the survey. 

Make sure that the survey tool can be integrated with other tools and customer management systems. This enhances the usability of the evolving platform. The ability to integrate third-party tools and other CMS software will be of great use. 

Integration should also capture things like channels of communication such as email notifications and the like. Social media channels should also be easily integrated into the tool for tracking customer satisfaction. As you grow in your business, you should seamlessly add on other plugins and remain relevant in these frequently changing times. 

  1. Fully Optimized 

Optimization for search is an important component in modern surveys. Your chosen tool should allow sending feedback regularly. Sending NPS surveys through various channels of communication will also help boost your business. 

Make sure that there are online and offline mobile apps for mobile-optimized services. The more people can see and participate in these surveys, the better outcomes you are most likely going to get in these efforts. Your NPS tool should offer more than a platform for conducting surveys. It should be easily identifiable online to reach a wider audience.

A good survey tool should be versatile to facilitate the building of brand awareness as well. This should also factor in the ability to share findings on social media. The ability to optimize your surveys via your preferred NPS tool places you in a better position to reach many people and grow your business too. 

  1. User-friendly Dashboard and Real-time Analytics 

The essence of an NPS tool is to assist in analyzing and interpreting data. Therefore, this is a key consideration in your choice. You will be calculating the number of promoters, passives and detractors. There will be a lot of information captured in all this. For that reason, your tool should help in analyzing both qualitative and quantitative data.

NPS data from these surveys are easily analyzed. However, it will be coming from different campaigns and channels and that is where the work comes in. That means you need a tool that can guarantee error-free analysis. It should also be easy for you to interpret and analyze all feedback presented in an open-ended version. This helps in coming up with the right conclusions and actions. 

To be successful in your surveys, you must get your work right. Analysis and interpretation of customer feedback are very essential to knowing the kind of input you need for quality surveys. For that reason, Zonka Feedback developed a user-friendly NPS Software that will help you simplify complex scenarios as presented by your target audience. 

Great features in an NPS tool are those that are designed to make your work easier. Ensure that your tool is compatible with your business needs and even make room for future use as your business grows. Ease of integration should be central in your evaluation to help you pick a tool that will incorporate other tools and systems. Make sure that there are enough features to allow you to plug into existing systems so that you don’t have to get rid of them when transitioning to more sophisticated systems as the need may arise. 

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