How We Memorized the Quran in Three Steps


Memorizing Quran is indeed a matter of immense honor for a Muslim. Almost every Muslim has a wish that he should have memorized the Quran. But not every person can do that. For, Quran memorizing requires a certain amount of dedication and hard work which is not possible for every individual. We have therefore, with consultation of our experts have devised some Quran learning tips. If you follow these tips in true letter and spirit the Quran memorization will be considerably a doable task for you and one day you will realize you dream of having memorized the Quran. These tips are divided in three steps. Some tips have to be worked on before memorization of the Quran. Some are for during me Quran learning period and lastly there are tips for revising what you have memorized the Quran. In this post we will explain the before memorization tips.  

Before Memorization Tips

The following are the before memorization tips.

  1. Dedication and sincerity: The first and foremost important thing is to be sincere with the memorization of the Quran.
  2. Seek the help from Allah: Since Quran memorization is a time taking work which needs tireless effort in which naturally an individual loses the motivation and understanding. If you face this problem, turn to Allah Almighty and ask Him for help and Taufīq. For, without His help and Tawfīq nothing can be done.
  3. List of helpful people: prepare a list of individual from your family, colleagues and the circle of your friend who, you think, can be helpful in your project. These people can be helpful by encouraging you when you lose motivation or be part of your project by starting memorization of the Quran with you.
  4. No unnecessary activities: Since Quran memorization needs more time and attention, you need to cancel all the unnecessary meetings and activities. Try to spare more time and dedicate more attention for the memorization of Quran.  The Quran memorization should be your primary consideration.
  5. Avoid sins: Quran memorization is not possible without Barakah from Allah Almighty and in order to make your journey full of Barakah you need to stay away from sins. Further, if you happen to commit a wrong always repent from that sin.
  6. Find a Quran teacher: We are supposed to recite Quran with Tajweed. Therefore, find a person who is well versed with Tajweed to be your Tajweed teacher who could teach you the rules of pronunciation and recitation of the Quran. Your teacher can be one of your parents, any of your siblings, a friend of you or a professional Tajweed teacher in our Quran for kids online Quran Academy.
  7. Use one Mushaf: In order to keep the marks of your memorization, you are supposed to use one Mushaf. It is better to choose a standard sized Mushaf of the Quran. The Mushaf should not be too big to be held easily and not too small that you will find difficulty in reciting from and writing your notes on the margins of the Mushaf.
  8. Identify your style of memorization: There can be multiple techniques of memorization the Quran. For example, one can memorize the Quran by copying the Quran in a notebook, by reciting loudly while memorizing the Quran, writing down the beginning of every verse from the Quran, listening to a Qari and reciting after him and walking during the memorization session. These are some of the methods of Quran memorization. You are supposed to identify the technique that suits best to you and adopt that style for the memorization of the Quran.
  9. Flexibility in your planning: By the term flexibility in planning I mean that there should be an alternative plan if one of your planning is not seeming to work. Shift from plan A to plan B if you realize that the plan A is not working. Write down your action plan and follow the plan. For instance, if you have a planning of memorizing two pages of Quran a day and you decide that you will memorize these two pages after Fajr Salah, and then you realize that you cannot memorize two pages in one sitting. In such a situation shift to plan B, which could be that you will memorize one page after Fajr Salah and the other page will be memorized before going to bed.

These are some of the useful tips before Quran memorization. If you follow these tips along with the tips for during the memorization and the tips of revising, you will have memorized the Quran.

Best of Luck!

Blog By Muhammad Haris

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