How to Get Prepared for Tree Removal On Your Property

Tree Removal On Your Property

Is there a pesky tree on your property that you could do without? Perhaps it’s diseased and is posing a health risk to your family, or the rest of the plant life on your property. Or maybe it’s simply a case of needing to clear the way for an extension project, or the construction of a granny flat at the bottom of the garden. Whatever the case, there are a few things that you will need to do in preparation for having the tree removed.

Finding the Right Tree Removal Specialist

First of all, you’ll need to find yourself some reliable tree lopping services, like ABTrees. It’s all very well making the decision to have a tree removed, but it’s not a simple and easy task that can be done without the correct equipment and expertise.

Finding a reliable company is easy enough, it just requires a bit of research, some patience and dedication. Naturally, you don’t want to rush into the first company that you come across. However, provided the price is right and the company is fully certified, has significant experience and a number of testimonials vouching for their ability, then you should be good to go!

Have the Tree Inspected Before Hand

Don’t forget that there is a “significant tree register” in Australia for example, which includes a number of projected trees (official website). This means that in many cases, you will not be able to have them removed. Of course, if it is posing a health-risk, then there are exceptions. However, before you can go ahead and remove a tree, it’s always best that you have it inspected by an experienced arborist who can accurately identify the tree for you.

Only once your confident in the fact that your tree is not protected and is free to remove as you see fit, then you can go ahead and proceed. It’s always worth taking a bit of time to do your research before hand though!

Clear the Area Surrounding the Tree as Best You Can

To get prepared for lopping trees, you’re also going to need to clear the area surrounding the tree as best you can. This is purely a case of health and safety. Not only will a clear area make it much easier for your tree lopping specialists to operate safely and efficiently, but it will also significantly reduce the chances of your property getting damaged, according to Tree Service Newmarket. Of course, you can’t exactly shift your home to the other side of your property, but you can certainly move your car, or any other items of property which would be best kept out of range of the tree felling area. This is mostly precautionary, as a reliable tree lopping expert will be able to effectively guide the tree so that it falls in a very specific direction. However, you can never be too careful! It’s a dangerous job and there’s always the slightest possibility of something not quite going to plan!

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