How To Find a Reliable New Kitchen Builder to Install Stone Benchtops

Kitchen Builder to Install Stone Benchtops

Is there anything quite so beautiful as a glorious kitchen with some plush stone benchtops? They give a kitchen an irrefutable air of quality and refinement, and they’re perfect when it comes to maintenance. A simple wipe of a cloth and you can have the benchtops fresh and sterile after a cooking session.

That, and they’re not overly expensive either! You can choose from engineered or natural stone, with natural stone like marble being a little bit more on the pricey side. There are many reasons to consider a marble countertop though, as explained in this article.

If you go through the right kitchen design company, you should be able to nab yourself a good deal. That said, how do you find the right kitchen design company for you? In this article, we’ll take you through a few different pointers.

1 – Ask Around

Before jumping onto Google, why don’t you reach out to friends and family on social media? See if there’s a local company that they’ve had dealings with, in the past? This is a great way of warding you off the inequitable cowboys, and helping you to find a reliable new kitchen builder, such as At the very least, it’s a good way of collating a few potentials for you to explore further online.

2 – Explore Their Websites

You can tell a lot about a company from their website. They should have some testimonials on there, and a great deal of information about who they are, why they do what they do and the types of projects that they’ve worked on in the past. Have a look at a few potentials and get a feel for what they can achieve for you.

3 – Follow Up References Where Possible

It’s not always possible, but some companies will be happy to hook you up with a previous client of theirs, so that they can offer a genuine reference as to how their experience went, and what their kitchen is like now that it’s been renovated.

4 – Compare Prices

Most reputable companies should be able to give you a relatively accurate quote on how much your new kitchen is going to cost you; particularly if you’ve specified that you want stone benchtops with material A, (i.e., engineered or natural stone) and the space that you’re dealing with is X. Once you’ve got a few quotes, you can compare them. You might even be able to play them off one another in order to secure the best possible quote! Most reputable companies won’t want to let the business go over a few dollars!

5 – Don’t Settle For Anything Less Than You Want

A sign of a good kitchen builder and designer is one that will take your ideas and enhance them. Unless they can give you practical reasons as to why a certain idea might not work, then you might want to look elsewhere. The best company will listen to what you want and find a way to bring it into actuality! Don’t let them upsell you unnecessarily, and certainly don’t settle for anything less than you set out for in the first place. It’s your home after all!

For tips on how to choose your next kitchen, check out

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