How Often Should You Get an STD Test?

How Often Should You Get an STD Test

A major part of the adverse effects from STDs can be avoided, if a diagnosis is made early and treated, according to advice. If you ever hear of a case that turned fatal, the person involved usually didn’t get medical attention at the right time.

Getting tested for STDs once may not be enough. Depending on your lifestyle and other factors, you may need to plan for more tests.

To give you an idea of how often you should get an STD test, I have broken down the different situations in the following part of this article.

Global Standards for STD Testing

In many parts of the world, everyone above the age of thirteen is expected to have been tested for STDs at least once in their lives. This is a general test to find out if the individual has any underlying STD that should be treated. More information on standards can be seen at

Sexually Active People

If you are going to be sexually active in a relationship, it is recommended that you and your partner get tested for STDs before becoming intimate. The idea is to treat any type of STDs that may be discovered before you start having sexual relations. This approach protects both people from becoming infected unknowingly.

After the first test, it is recommended that you and your partner visit the hospital again for another test after a few weeks. The duration between tests is advised by the medical personnel based on information provided by the people getting tested for STDs.

Sexually active people who have one or multiple partners are advised to get tested for STDs at least twice a year. Tests can be done six months after the first test.

HIV Tests

Everyone who has been sexually active with one or more partner should do an HIV test. A second test should be done if the first result comes out negative. The second test is necessary because HIV has a window period before it becomes detectable.

After the second test with a negative result, the individual can visit the hospital for a test twice a year for subsequent HIV tests if they remain sexually active with more than one partner. Don’t worry, anonymous HIV testing ( is available.

After Treatment for STDs

If you have been treated for an STD, wait for a period of six months before testing again. Some cases are known to reoccur; if this happens, further treatment is necessary to lower the chances of recurrence. People who have been treated for STDs or undergoing treatment are advised to consider safe sex practices such as the proper use of condoms or abstinence until they meet a partner who has negative results after STD tests.

People undergoing treatment for STDs are advised to eat healthy foods, and have a good lifestyle, exercise more, stay away from drugs or alcohol.

Getting tested for STDs can be unnerving, but it is better to know and start treatment to be free of the STD, if you are found to have one.

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