How to Setup a Call Center Phone System in 3 minutes?

How to Setup a Call Center Phone System in 3 minutes

Do you know you can set up a call center in three minutes provided you choose the right resource?

Call center industry is expanding by leap and bounds, according to Though the role of call center software is noteworthy to ensure you streamlined operations, setting up one is not a cake walk. One need to divulge on the components such as cost, infrastructure, and business size are some of the factors that demand unremitting attention in the course of call center set-up.

As the call center plays a crucial role in one’s success, a wrong choice can throw you on the ground. That is why industry leaders’ emphasis on choice and implement virtual phone system without dilly-dallying, according to Detailed research and a deeper understanding of the various industry players are some of the key steps that one should take while setting up the call center for the organization.

We know that doing all this could be a little daunting at a time. But the output is so bountiful that you won’t mind going forward and does what all it takes.  We won’t leave it alone in this struggle. Here is our helping hand with few key pointers about setting up a virtual PBX phone system easily.

Pick the One That Complements Your Business

Running a business in this fiercely competitive era is a harsh grapple in true sense. That is why it is important that you should choose the best call center software that leverages your business operation and is a perfect match. Examples here. Here is how you can ensure it:

  • Identify the need for requiring a call center first. Understand the factors that raise the need to own a call center. Do you need to enhance your customer service or your internal communication?  If you are buying a call center for customer service then you must finalize something that comes with CRM integration.
  • Know your employer strength first and how many agents you would be requiring per call. Few call center software comes with users limitations. If you have purchased one with only 5 user limit and you call center team had 10 members than it could be a problem for you.  To know the number of agents required as per the call volume, you can use Erlang Calculator.
  • Make sure that your virtual phone system offers you connectivity over the cloud.  Being able to connect without any location restrictions makes your call center diligent and responsive more than anything else.
  • As call center software is the spine of your business, kindly make sure that you are getting a fair share of business features such as call distribution; automate call answer, IVR, call transfer and so on.

Keep a Note on the Budget as Well

Setting up a call center demands investment at various fronts. From buying a virtual PBX phone system is to provide the basic infrastructure, there is a lot to take care of. That is why it is very crucial that you set a budget for your call center accordingly. Remember –

  • Try to buy what exactly is required. Many VoIP service providers offer a bunch of features which may not be useful in your case. Thus, instead of buying pre-made deal or package, ask for a tailor-made solution.
  • Those who are offering a free trial of their Business Phone Number are a great choice over others. As for custom quotes from different service providers and ponder over the data.
  • If you are a small organization then buying hosted VoIP call center will be a better choice over on-premise as the latter option demands tons of initial investments.

A Flexible One is the Better One

Every business seeks success. While you are expanding as a business, your virtual phone system should be able to match up as well, as described here. The more flexible your phone system is the easier would be the operations. Take these tips into consideration:

  • Check whether your existing VoIP service provider offers various packages or facility to upgrade the plan.
  • The one which offers you VoIP numbers of various countries is the reliable one as it will make the global transition an easy task.
  • Your call center phone system should come with an auto-update to make you skilled with the latest technology.
  • The chosen phone system should be able to work with any data-driven device to give your comprehensive accessibility.
  • You may require asking for number portability as per the need of the hour as well. In that case, your VoIP service provider should be supportive enough and help you move forward with the process.

The future business success depends upon the decisions you make in the present, according to BizJournals. A little bit of market research and watchfulness towards the options around you help you make an intelligent choice for your business. Invest in the best call center software and augment your business success.



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