Hazardous and Perishable Materials That Should Not Be A Part of Your Moving Inventory

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Movers help people in every task regarding their move. The main purpose of hiring movers is to move conveniently and safely with all your home belongings. Moving is not an easy task therefore hiring professionals is essential to complete move successfully. But do you know there are also some materials that even movers won’t move considering the laws and safety regulations? In fact, even if you are doing a DIY move, you should exclude these items from your inventory list. If you are not aware of these materials then you should read this content.

Make sure you do not pack these items because movers won’t allow you to load it in the truck as they are hazardous. Have a look at this list made by Movingfeedback.com listed cheap truck rental of materials that comes in the category of hazardous materials.

What Does Hazardous Material Include?

  • Aerosol cans
  • Nail polish
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fertilizers
  • Chemicals use for pool cleaning
  • Tanks of propane
  • Fireworks
  • Car batteries
  • Bleach
  • Paint thinner
  • Lighter fluid
  • Matches
  • Liquor
  • Charcoal
  • Weapons like loaded guns
  • Poisons
  • Household batteries
  • Inflammable items

 And other dangerous chemicals as well as materials

These materials are not allowed to load in the truck as it can be dangerous for both of you as well as movers. Movers would not even touch these materials. So, when you pack all the household items, make sure you do not pack any of the above-written items.

Movers Also Discourage the Transportation of Perishable Food

Apart from these hazardous materials, movers also discourage the loading of perishable items.

Apart from the hazardous materials, movers are also reluctant to load the perishable food items into the shipping truck. It is because of the reason that perishable food items tend to attract bacteria and insects causing damage to all the home belongings present in the truck. It is recommended you clean the refrigerator a day before the move. Deforest all the items, give them time to get dry so that insects and another kind of bacteria and mold does not grow. If it is a short move then movers will allow you to load these items but make sure you pack all the items perfectly else it can damage other home belongings of yours loaded in the truck. Pack fluid items in a way that it would not get leaked during transportation and handling of items. 

If you want to take the frozen food and other perishable food items with you then it is recommended you to take these items with you in your vehicle.

A special note: It is recommended you to keep all the doors of the refrigerator and other items open before 24 hours so that all the items get dried and mold will not grow during the period of transportation of materials.

Don’t Load Extremely Expensive and Irreplaceable Items into Moving Truck

Movers recommend you to not to load extremely expensive and irreplaceable items into moving truck. These items include items with high financial value, important documents, metals such as gold, diamond, silver, and other items with higher sentimental value.

These items are checkbooks, cash, financial statements, keys, collections, air tickets, valuable or expensive jewelry items, medicines, tax papers, and so on. Make sure you pack all these important items in another bag and keep these with you in the vehicle in which you are going to travel to the new location.

Apart from that, you should also transport necessary items in your vehicle because in case, if the shipment gets late and you reach there at the new location then you would not find yourself in a big problem because you don’t even have necessary items with you.

Keep important documents in a separate bag and the papers related to moving because you may need these papers at any time during relocation.

Reluctant to Move Pets as well as Plants

Movers are reluctant to move pets and plants especially when it comes to a long-distance move. So it is recommended you take your pet with you in your vehicle. It is illegal to move plants if you are moving more than 150 miles. Plants are not able to handle the unfavorable temperatures and the unfavorable conditions because they are delicate items so it is advised you to take plants with you in your vehicle. You can pack home plants well and can take in your vehicle while you have to leave the rest of the plants there. Pets are also not recommended to move in a moving truck because of the high temperature, direct sunlight, and the sudden harsh conditions of the weather. It is completely unsafe to ship pets in the moving truck therefore have some space in your vehicle for your pets as well. And don’t forget to pack some eatables with you for your pet also.


According to the transportation department, if movers do not know about the packing and loading of any hazardous material in the transportation truck then the movers are not liable to the damage that can be caused because of these hazardous materials during shipment of home belongings. Organize your move and keep safety at the highest priority as you move to a new city.

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