The Ultimate Guide: Moving from Japan to Australia

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Many Japanese have moved to Australia and they are saying many good things about this country. It is because Australia is giving multiple attractive reasons why one should migrate to Australia from Japan. However, best economy, high-quality education, and amazing healthcare facilities are being considered as topmost reasons to consider. Besides this, Australia contains beautiful landscape to offer completely refreshing experience. Most amazingly, unlike Japan, Australia is offering pretty calm, peaceful and natural lifestyle. Therefore, laid-back lifestyle of Australia is also a compelling reason for Japanese to move to Australia.

A Comprehensive Guide for Moving from Japan to Australia

Are you planning to move to Australia from Japan? Well, there are tons of things you need to know about this. As with any other country in the world, moving from Japan to Australia also seems pretty daunting, especially when you don’t know how to do this.

Here we have brought an essential guide for you, which will help you in the process of moving from Japan to Australia.

Get Your Visa

Getting your visa before moving to Australia is obvious. However, there is good news for professionals who want to move to Australia from Japan. Professionals can choose any option from plenty of visa routes. Research department of affairs website to know different available options. You can also apply for other visa options as per your needs. But completing visa process is critical before planning your relocation.

Moving Possessions

Once you are done with your Australian visa approval, then this is the time to plan moving your possessions. Choosing an international mover while in Japan is essential. Consider getting help from a mover specialized in shipping of commercial cargo and personal belongings from Japan by air or sea.

However, when it comes to choose your shipping service, then you can choose any of the sea or air freight option. Air consignments come up with a minimum 45kg requirements. Even more, the gross rate and shipment volume will affect your air shipment charges.

boxes for moving home

However, when it comes to sea shipment service from japan to Australia then the services are being offered to multiple locations. In this service option you can easily consider to ship large items such as furniture. Making covering box for your luggage that meets the standard of Australian customs and quarantine is necessary. The shipping charges will certainly depend on your luggage size, and destination.

However, some other factors that can affect your shipping charges include insurance (optional), pickup charges, taxes, etc.

However, to make the possessions movement process smoother, it is highly important to start preparing earlier. Also, contact your mover to get beneficial advices.

Plan Properly and Save Before Moving to Australia

This is time to plan your entire journey of moving from Japan to Australia. The most important things you should look for are available flight options as well as understanding the prices of living in your destination place. Decide when you have to go to and look for affordable flight options accordingly to save more. If you are having friends in Australia then networking with them can also benefit you a lot.

Buying or Renting a Home

Accommodation in Australia can be expensive but obviously on the basis of where you are living. The type of house you will decide to rent or buy will make a certain change. However, you can find multiple accommodation options in Australia ranging from hotels, hostels to studio apartments, single family homes and more. Getting help from an agent can make the processes easier for you.

Job Hunt

If you have some time, then this can be a better idea to start checking for some possible places to work in Australia. Although Australia offers plentiful work opportunities, but it would be better for you to be prepared of this before time.


Knowing about health insurance and healthcare system in Australia is also important. The country is possessing a hybrid healthcare system. Most of the people opt for a health insurance names “Medicare” which doesn’t offer wider coverage. Make sure to look what a health insurance offer will cover before taking that. And also, you need to know your medical rights?


If you are planning to move to Australia then you can check this page about how to move from Japan to Australia easily. Given information will certainly let you know the essential things which you need to consider while moving to Australia from Japan.

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