Gym Floor Covers – What to Choose & Why You Need to Cover Your Gym Floor

A gym floor is a great expense for any facility or organization, says DailyMail. It is important to take care of this investment to ensure its longevity. Using durable gym floor covers is one of the best ways to protect your gym floor and maintain its appearance for years to come.

Why do you need a gym floor cover?

The below points highlight the importance of having a gym floor in your gym area.

Maintain the gym floor

The gym floor is a frequently used area, and it requires a great deal of maintenance. Its installation is expensive, which is why it is important to use different means to protect the floor. Applying a layer of gym floor cover can protect the floor from regular damage, and keep it intact for many years.  

Save time

Cleaning a gym regularly can be a costly and time consuming task. On the other hand, a gym cover does not require much maintenance, as it is usually stain-resistant. So, it can also help you save on cleaning time and cost.

Provide additional security

A high amount of foot traffic in the gym can ruin the floor quickly if it is not protected. However, you can avoid the destruction of the gym floor by using a durable and resilient gym floor cover. These covers come in different materials, and have different features. You should select the one that meets your needs the best.

School gym can be a source of extra income

You can maintain your gym floor’s appearance, and even make it look more attractive by using the right gym floor cover. A safe and attractive gym can be a cash cow. You can rent the gym for fundraisers, concerts, civic group meetings, knowing the floor will be protected.

Recommended Gym Floor Covers

The following are recommended gym floor covers that are available for sale.

GymPro Eco Roll

GymPro Eco Roll is made of 100% recyclable material that gives it a carpet-like appearance. The roll has a non-skid backing that can prevent moisture from passing through it, giving the floor underneath extra protection. The lay-up racking system can spread it on the floor in no time, which can help you save time and money.

GymPro Eco Tile

GymPro Eco Tile is made up of 100% recycled water bottles, which makes it eco-friendly. It is attractive and can enhance the look of your gym area. Each tile is light in weight and tear-resistant, meaning you can easily transport the tiles from one place to the other without worrying about damage.

The material is slip and stain-resistant, which makes it a low-maintenance gym floor cover. What’s more, the material has a class 1 fire rating.

Courtside Runner

A Courtside Runner is designed to provide protection to your players and the gym floor. You can also get your institute’s logo designed on it in different colors. It is stain and slip-resistant, and it reduces the risk of injury among players. It does well at protecting the floor against damage caused by high foot traffic, chairs, and tables.

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