Funny Gifts To Get For Your Friends

Gift-giving is an art, a type of art that can easily be funny or serious. In this article, we will go through some of the funniest gifts to get your friends. Something that puts a smile on their face, and reminds them of all the amazing memories you have collected over the years.

Passive Aggressive Notepad – For friends who are not great at making conversation. The notepad allows them to hand out a piece of their mind without losing a thought. Or just a great way to let all their anger out on paper, before they rip their anger and the piece of paper to shreds. These notepads come in a range of designs to choose from, so you can easily pick the one that you feel is best.

Fake Belly Fanny Pack – Offering a stunning design and a usable option in one. This fake belly fanny pack is inspired by man bobs and the never-ending love for fanny packs. A hairy-looking bag that you can easily secure on your belly. Getting your friend endless attention wherever they go, while making sure they never leave home without their essentials.

Public Toilet Survival Kit – There is nothing more horrific than stepping into a public bathroom. Designed for a friend who constantly finds themselves in the need to use public restrooms. This survival kit carries all they need from antiseptic wipes, toilet seat cover, to disposable gloves. While there is only so much they can do, this way they can easily ward off a handful of germs. While you get a great kick when handing them their next gift. You can view here for more of the best gag gifts for a great comical effect.

Screaming Goat Figurine – Winning the hearts of millions the Doritos SuperBowl commercial Goat Screams can still be heard. To bring that action back into your life, give your friend a screaming goat figuring. A small gift that makes a mighty impact. Something they can easily set on their desk, night table, or even their countertop. Making an impact with its gorgeous figure, and hilarious sound.

Bob Ross Toaster – Who doesn’t like their toast engraved with Bob Ross’s face! This toaster will make your friend’s day for years to come. Imagine setting your butter or jam on Bob’s face, and iconic curls. Inspiring you to create exceptional breakfast dishes, and just start the day with a smile. A wonderful gift that does not need a special occasion.

Portable Pizza Pouch – We all have a friend who is constantly hungry and on the lookout for food. If you too have a friend who is never seen without food, it’s time to give them the portable pizza pouch. A stylish little addition they can hang around their neck. Securing their pizza slice in place, so they can peacefully enjoy a bite every time their heart desires.

These hilarious gifts are just the beginning, as there is a great deal more you can pick from. However, when stuck on what to give, we suggest you pick one of the few options listed above. These tried and tested funny gifts are a true gem.

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